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Canterbury fifth graders participated in a Grant Writing Project before Christmas.  Students were asked to research a non-profit organization that interested them and then write a persuasive letter to a real philanthropic executive in New York who would read the letters and decide which student exemplified all project objectives.
The objectives were the following:
  • Explore and understand the power of the written word
  • Enhance and reinforce research skills needed for a lifetime of learning.
  • Find and expand writer’s voice and use that voice to persuade others to help those in need.
  • Expand understanding of proper business letter formats and appropriate verbiage used in writing persuasive documents to professionals in the field of philanthropy
  • Empower yourself and others through knowledge, awareness and sacrificial giving
  • Make predictions about potential outcomes
The letter that was chosen was written by our very own student on behalf of the Horned Lizard Conservation Society.  The president of the organization has been contacted and a donation in honor of our CES student's hard work will be sent to HLCS.  We are so proud of all our philanthropically-minded 5th graders.
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