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In the competitive arena of education, DeSoto ISD has stepped up to create the best opportunities for every DeSoto ISD student.


“We offer every major program of choice for students today including iSTEAM, fine arts, medical, business and law, two college degree programs, leadership academies, linguistics, and more!” stated Superintendent David Harris.

So how do you get into a magnet program?

  1. Apply online by the deadline – one per student, you can prioritize your programs of choice
  2. Be sure to upload your current report card and address verification.
  3. Fine Arts auditions in February – prepare your audition based on your field of performance.
  4. Watch for March notification of program acceptance.

Applications for eleven (11) DeSoto ISD Magnet Academy programs opened Monday, December 19, 2016. The elementary and middle school applications close January 23, 2017, at midnight. DeSoto High School applications - Early College High School, Collegiate Magnet Program, and IB - close on January 30, 2017, at midnight.

As a selective enrollment district, students from outside the district boundaries are eligible to request enrollment. If they meet academic, discipline, and attendance criteria and space is available (DeSoto ISD students are first priority), they can be granted enrollment. Selective enrollment students are held to strict guidelines for grades, discipline, and attendance and can have their enrollment revoked if these guidelines are not met.

The iSTEAM3D Magnet Academies will utilize available slots through the lottery process which will include The Meadows Elementary, West MS, East MS, Curtistene S. McCowan MS, and DeSoto High School. The lottery will take place in early March after preference is given to students moving up from a program below.

“We know students learn at their optimum when they are engaged in what they are passionate about learning. We are building capacity for every student to succeed in the field of their dreams – and giving them the resources to succeed in college and the workplace,” stated Dr. Harris.

What are the DeSoto ISD Magnet and Innovative Programs?

Currently, DeSoto ISD has 15 magnet and innovative programs for students. It’s what every parent wants – a learning experience that engages their child, supports his or her interests, and opens pathways to success. Simply put, we are giving students and their parents the power of choice - based on personal interests and passions to take ownership in their educational experience.

  • Collegiate Magnet Program (Associate Degree at DHS)
  • Early College High School (Associate Degree at DHS)
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (DHS)
  • West International Male Leadership Magnet Academy (Gr. 6-8)
  • East Medical Magnet Academy (Gr. 6-8)
  • McCowan Fine Arts Magnet Academy (Gr. 6-8)
  • Northside Business and Law Magnet Academy (Gr. 3-5)
  • Ruby Young Medical & Environmental Sciences Magnet Academy (Gr. 3-5)
  • Woodridge Fine Arts Magnet Academy (Gr. K-5)
  • Cockrell Hill Linguistics Magnet Academy (Gr. K-5)
  • Frank D. Moates Blended Learning Magnet Academy (Gr. 2-5)
  • LOTTERY - DHS iSTEAM Magnet Academy (Gr. 9-12)
  • LOTTERY - iSTEAM3D Magnet Academies (All three middle schools)
  • LOTTERY - The Meadows iSTEAM Magnet Academy (Gr. 1-5)

For more information, visit and click on Magnet Programs!

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