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As DeSoto ISD begins construction on a new elementary school, located southeast of the Polk/Uhl Rd. and Parkerville Rd. intersection, the Board has requested input from the community for the name of the new school. The school is scheduled to open in the fall of 2018 and will include a technology magnet program.

The responsibility for naming facilities rests with the Board of Trustees for the DeSoto ISD. When the Board is considering naming a new facility, suggestions can include:

  • A person or persons who served the district or community, especially children
  • A state or national heroic figure
  • A person or persons who made a significant contribution to society and/or education and name shall lend prestige and status to an institute of learning
  • A local residential or geographic area

Individuals or groups wishing to submit a suggested name can use the online form to include the suggested name, reason for their suggestion and their contact information by Friday, March 10 at 12 noon. Recommendations will be compiled and submitted to the Board for consideration.

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