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If you are a homeowner, you might think that as long as you have a lock on your door, no matter what type of lock it is, that you will be fine. While you may have the correct locks they may not be installed on the right doors. Sometimes people make the mistake of placing an interior lock on an exterior door and this definitely doesn’t offer you the level of security that you need for your home and loved ones. The possibility of someone breaking into your home is higher when you do not have the most durable exterior locks installed on your door. You may think that because you purchased a particular brand that the lock will work for what you need it for. Again, this is not necessary true.

Perhaps the brand is more recognizable because the company has more advertising dollars. This doesn’t mean that that particular lock is better than any other. If you really want to know what type of lock is best for your needs, do yourself a favor and consult with someone who knows all that there is to know about locks, a locksmith.

How Locks Function

Knowing and understanding the mechanics of some of the most popular locks might help you determine which type to have installed. The most standard lock, a doorknob lock, is easy to lock and unlock. What you might not know is that there are some doorknob locks that are only good for inside doors and not your exterior doors. This is something that a qualified locksmith would be able to discuss with you in detail to ensure you have the best quality of locks installed on your doors.

Below we will discuss some of the most commonly used locks installed by our locksmiths:

Warded Lock

The bolt in the lock will not move until the right key is placed in the key. The ward obstructs the movement. The bolt will only move when the key fits correctly into the obstructions of the lock.

Pin Tumbler Lock

There is a specific set of pins that must properly align with the locking mechanism. When the incorrect key is inserted into the lock, the pins will not align and this means that turning mechanism will not allow you to unlock the lock.

Lever Tumbler Lock

The levers inside the lock will not let the bolt move inside the mechanism to unlock the door when the wrong key is inserted. Even though the mechanisms of your locks may vary a little, they enable you to protect your home and loved ones. Learning what you can about the various types of locks offered to you is certainly worthwhile.

Electronic Locks

Since more and more people want convenience and are willing to pay for it, electronic locks are more appealing. The latest technology enables you to access your home without using a traditional key. In fact, there are now electronic locks that only require a code to gain access into your home. The cost of an electronic lock is usually more but it is well worth the added expense. Not only do they offer you the level of convenience that you want but they are also hard to compromise, which means that a burglar is less likely able to break-in when you have an electronic lock on your doors.

Here are two types of electronic locks that we often install:

Fingerprint Lock

This type of lock is also referred to as a Biometric Lock. It uses your fingerprint to gain access. There is no key required, instead, you just put your finger up to the keypad and once it recognizes your finger print viola! You’re in. Your fingerprint is scanned when our locksmith sets up the lock. You can set up more than one set of fingerprints and they are then saved into the system. This is considered a high-security lock due to the level of security it offers to you.

Push-Button Lock

With a push button lock, there is a code that is programmed into your lock. Once the correct code is entered, access is possible. Some push-button locks have internal motors, while others have a magnet that engages the locking mechanism. Since this type of lock is easy to program, it is very appealing to most homeowners who are interested in high security locks. If you provide the code to a contractor, be sure to contact us to have the code changed so that they are no longer able to gain access into your home.

Making the Right Decision

Since there are so many different types of locks on the market, it can be difficult to pick the right ones for your home. You don’t have to handle this on your own when we are here to help. No one knows better than a locksmith just how durable certain locks are. When you want the best and most durable locks for your home, you can get them if you consult with a professional who is in the business of making locks, a locksmith. Some homeowners may think that simply because a certain lock is more expensive that it is better. This isn’t true.

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Source: Types of Residential Locks

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