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Exhibitors have to make several major decisions while exhibiting at any exhibition or trade show. Each and every brand wants to leave an everlasting impression on visitors with their trade show booth and turn them into potential customers. One of the biggest decisions they have to make is whether to use custom booths or rental booths for their trade show.

Before deciding on what type of booth you must use for your trade show booth construction companies in Las Vegas, you have to determine various factors. Do you have the budget to go for an expensive custom booth? How many trades shows you are planning to attend? Do you want to use the same booth for every trade show?

You need careful consideration, to ensure that you are making a sustainable and economical choice while buying a custom booth. In case you are still unsure of your situation then it is best to go with the rental booth.

With custom trade show booths exhibitors can make a bold statement, but paying a hefty amount to purchase your booth isn’t the only option. Display rentals are an easy option that can boost a company’s marketing efforts and its bottom line and offers various other advantages.

With this post, you will learn why renting your exhibit design companies in Boston can be a smart and safe choice for your bran


With rental exhibits comes a great level of flexibility. It is possible to add, adjust, and remove the elements as per the company’s requirements without the high cost of ownership. You can also try new concepts and evaluate their results more easily by renting an exhibit.

Turn-key Operation

An exhibitor has to consider multiple factors while buying a display stand for an exhibition booth ideas. For example where to store the booth when it is not in use, and the cost of repair, refurbishment, and disposal, that can be expensive. But, rented exhibits are returned at the end of the show.


It is a very important feature to consider when trade show displays are concerned. Most of the rental displays are portable that can be packed and carried very easily and quickly. Also, they do not require any special skills or mechanics to be installed at the trade show.


Rental trade show booths are a cost-efficient option to promote brands and get measurable marketing results. They allow exhibitors to plan their trade shows within their budget without cutting the cost on other important factors.

Avoid Liabilities

You have to worry about factor-like maintenance, storage, insurance, and disposal fees, for your custom booth. On the other hand, if you rent a trade show booth, you only have to think about shipping the booth back to the exhibit house.

Meet Rules and Regulations Easily

If you attend multiple trade shows in a year then you have to experience different rules and regulations for different shows. Rentals allow you to make adjustments in your booth as per the rules and regulations of the particular show you are attending.

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