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It is pretty evident that trade shows and doesn’t go hand in hand. Building even a single exhibition stand takes a huge amount of resources and various types of materials, hence it’s no surprise that events like trade show displays in Las Vegas, business exhibitions, and conferences produce a high quantity of waste.

Sustainability isn’t a choice anymore, it has become the need of the hour. It has become significant that we make conscious decisions wherever possible to reduce our carbon footprint and protect our environment. By making some simple choices while planning an exhibition booth design we can reduce energy usage by re-using materials. It’s high time to start making changes toward an environmental change.


1)  Keep your stand for re-use

In case you’ve already designed an exhibition stand having audio and visual components, bright lights, and painted graphics, you can still be sustainable by storing your stand and re-using it for future purposes. This is why choose exhibition stands built with high-quality materials for that they will be durable and reusable. Ensure that you communicate this with your hired exhibition stand contractor to provide any storage solutions.


2)  Choose re-usable graphics

Eye-catching and creative graphics are a must for all trade show booth design but if you want to build your stand with a sustainable approach then it is advisable to invest in fabric printed graphics, for these graphics are of high quality and durable. This allows you to re-use them for any future expos or any other event you attend.


3)  Choose energy-efficient electronics

Choosing to have a sustainable stand doesn’t mean that your stand needs to be with no lights. You can have a great stand without excessive use of electricity and this is possible with the help of using LED lights that are an energy-efficient option for your exhibition stand. These lights use up to 75% less energy than regular light bulbs. The other option is to use natural lighting in the venue to illuminate your stand. Also, try avoiding using a TV to showcase your brand.  


4)  Go paperless

We know that business cards and marketing materials are an important way to communicate with prospects at your exhibition stand. But by going completely paperless, you can reduce your waste along with costs. In these tech-savvy times, instead of handing out flyers or brochures, you can easily send a pre-prepared e-book to their email or direct your prospects to an informative landing page. Also, there are various new applications available that allow you to store and send electronic business cards from your phone or tablet quite easily. This will not only reduces your carbon footprint but also ensures that visitors don’t lose your business card in their wallet or just throw it away later.


5)  Rent flooring and furniture

A simple way to be more sustainable is to rent certain elements of your stand, such as flooring and furniture. These items can be easily reused for future exhibition stands by your exhibition stand builder. You need to ensure that they don’t go to waste after a single use. Renting will not only reduce the amount of waste you produce at the end of the show but will also save your exhibition building cost.


6)  Smaller stands lead to a smaller footprint

Bigger isn’t better always. Building a large stand will require more materials and equipment. By opting for a smaller space, you can commit to being more sustainable at your next expo. Also, a smaller stand will require fewer structural elements, less power, fewer graphics, and less painting, but still can attract visitors.


7)  Avoid shipping and transportation

If possible, select a local exhibition stand builder according to the venue of the event. This will help you avoid pollution associated with transportation along with the costs. Especially if you are an international exhibitor, this will eliminate the chance of impacting the environment by shipping your stand overseas.


Build a Sustainable Exhibition Stand with Triumfo

If you are looking for an exhibition stand supplier to understand your vision and ideas for an exhibition stand and build it accordingly then Triumfo can help you the best. We know what it takes to build make an exhibition stand unique from others along with taking care of the environment. Contact us today and learn more.

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