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While planning to create a trade show booth, the most crucial factor is the budget for any brand or organization.  Considering budget is important while planning a trade show booth because the money you spend is directly proportional to the number and quality you will get. Making a budget is impossible until you know how much a trade show booth costs.

The best way to calculate the average cost of a trade show booth rental in Las Vegas is to list and break down the expected expenses.  The first thing that comes to mind is the cost of the booth itself. Along with the booth, there are other services like Wi-Fi, materials handling, electricity, personnel costs, including staff pay, overtime pay, lodging, travel, and meals and trade show collateral, such as company t-shirts and giveaway items.

The bottom line is that attending a trade show might be expensive and tricky but you can always identify the main expenses and estimate the average cost of a trade show booth. To help you, we have mentioned the main expenses of a trade show booth rental in Boston with the points you can keep in mind while budgeting for it.

The Exhibit

Most organizations or brands prefer to take the help of professional trade show booth manufacturers that can handle every aspect of the construction process and booth designing. You can get a high-quality exhibit that is built as per your exact specifications within your defined budget. The price of a trade show booth depends on the size of the booth, the materials used to build it, and the type and number of components it contains.

Types of Exhibits

The money you will spend on the trade show booth rental in Chicago will mostly depend on the type of booth you want. In general, there are three broad categories of booths:


  1. Portable
  2. Modular
  3. Custom

The square footage costs also include the booth’s structural elements, along with graphics, lights and crates used for packing purposes.


Surprisingly, flooring has a huge impact on the look of your booth. Not only looks, it is also important for the comfort of your booth staff and visitors. The cost of the flooring depends on the material of your choice and the size of the booth.


In this section costs can be highly variable, depending on the kind of your trade show display, booth size, and the kind of furniture that will go with your booth. The look of your trade show booth depends on this factor also.

The Variables

Variables will also affect the cost of your booth. For an instance, in case you want customized graphics for your booth, you have to pay more than you would for simple graphics. Elements like customized digital display walls, and complicated A/V systems, will also increase costs.

Triumph is a leading trade show booth manufacturer which provides customized and other kinds of trade show booths at affordable prices. Contact us and get quotes for your trade show booth. 

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