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Trade shows are a fantastic way of generating new business and are gaining popularity day by day. Brands are focusing on exhibitions, trade shows, and events to launch their new product. Along with product launching, these events help in brand awareness, marketing, and social media marketing. People are also getting more and more attracted to events like trade fairs, expos, and exhibitions to know about the latest launches in every sector.

Ground planning is the key to the success of any big event. Initially start with a brainstorming session to develop an outline of a plan to determine certain key points, such as the purpose of your booth, your target audience, and the budget of your booth. These basic things will give you a foundation, to begin with, the building of your booth.

In case, this is your first trade show booth rental in Las Vegas then does not worry, we are here to help you with the things you need to set up a booth at a trade show. We are providing you a list of basic necessities as per the latest trends, to keep in mind while setting up a booth at a trade show or any other event.

Go through the following list of the items you need to have on your trade show booth checklist to bring more eyes to your booth.

Printed Trade Show Materials

The craze of social media marketing cannot be denied, but print media marketing still rules the world of trade show booth rental Boston and exhibitions. This includes items like pamphlets, business cards, catalogues, brochures, apparel, flyers, or any other printed materials that brand your business.

Ensure that the visitor at your booth must leave with something that has your brand printed on it for promotional use. Along with it, your brand can launch apparel like t-shirts or caps with the brand name on it, for your employees and to give a few away to your visitors.

 Freebies and Giveaways

People cannot ignore a thing when it comes to free stuff, even if it is something as simple as a bag. By giving out the free bags with the logo or your brand name printed on them, visitors will have something to remember your brand. Free printed tote bags can make people look for your booth around the trade show. It is known that around 85% of the consumers remember the brand name from a free promotional item.

Banners and Backdrops

The first things that attendees notice at a trade show booth rental in Chicago are the banners and backdrops. To make your booth noticeable, you need huge banners with an attractive background display. You can also put an oversized banner of your logo with a short line or your tagline. You can also think of standing banners which are great for displaying photos. Pay some heed to the color scheme also, which must be in accordance with your company’s brand to maintain consistency.

Outdoor Advertising

This is to grab the attention of the visitors even before they step into the premises of the trade show. To have traffic at your booth you can use sign spinners, bicycle or pedal cab advertisements, 14ft flags, using mascot’s promo models, product demonstrators, or standing banners.

Presentation Media

Trade shows give you a perfect chance to expand the horizons of your creativity. Presentation media can help you to create some innovative and engaging short videos or slideshows that you can play on a big screen during the trade show. Demonstrations with visual aids can attract a lot of visitors that could be potential customers.

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