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Each and every component is important while planning for the perfect exhibition stand for your company. One such component that requires a lot of attention and is often ignored is the flooring. In reality, using the right flooring can help you attract attention and increase your foot traffic irrespective of whether you have a custom stand space or a shell scheme stand.

There is a wide range of different flooring types that you can use to give an attractive look to your Exhibition Booth Construction. But your choice depends on many factors such as functional requirements, your budget, and the style of your stand. Considering all the factors you can have stunning flooring complimenting your exhibition stand.

If you are clueless and need some inspiration for flooring then we are providing some great examples that you can consider for your next exhibition.

 Incorporate Bold Colours

If you want to include a unique flooring into your exhibition stand then it must be done in a way that compliments the space rather than creating a mismatched look. You can use a checkerboard pattern which is a great way to add colours to your flooring without it being overpowering. Ensure that your selected flooring not only suits the branding but also adds an eye-catching element to your Exhibition Booth Ideas that will attract visitors.

 Customize your flooring

You can also design flooring that will be truly unique to your exhibition stand with custom printed graphics. This option allows you to have your logo, an image, or any pattern onto your flooring. This is a great way for signage and also gives you more opportunity to stand out amongst your competitors and the sea of other exhibitors at the event. Make sure that your custom-designed flooring suits the theme of your stand and creates an authentic and eye-catching space.  

 Use different materials

Your flooring doesn’t always have to be carpet or vinyl when there is a range of materials available that you can use instead. Depending on the design of your Custom Exhibition Stand Builders and your preference, you can add different elements to your flooring. The only thing to keep in mind while selecting the material is that it should contribute to the overall theme and style of your space, no matter if you use this material only in a few sections or throughout the whole stand. For instance, if you have an outdoor camping theme for your stand then using artificial grass can suit flooring the best.  

 Natural tones

Using different materials and textures for your flooring is a great idea that can help you create a great stand for your business. You can also opt for neutral timber tones that would add a unique element to your exhibition stand without overpowering the space. Nowadays, natural materials are being used more commonly in exhibition stands that create a more sustainable and authentic feel. The materials of natural tones cast a unique authenticity to your stand that can be very unique and eye-catchy.

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