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 “There are three responses to a piece of design-Yes, No, and Wow! Wow is the one to aim for.” – Milton Glaser


If there is one such place where imagination and innovation can turn around the situation, it is at the trade fairs. The more innovative and creative the presentation, the more visitors are attracted by it. Though the final word is always of the quality of the product and services that you will be showcasing, a lot depends on how you present yourself.


It is rightly said that “Brand is the story. Design is the storytelling.”- Susan Sellers


The market is booming with highly innovative trade show booth designs. Trade show exhibit companies look up to the best trade show booth design for their exhibition. There is a lot of competition in the market between trade show booth design companies. A wide range of stands exists in the market including custom stands, modular stands, double-decker stands, 20x30 trade show booth designs, 20x20 trade show booth designs, and many more. So how do we decide that this particular trade show booth is good? There have to be certain parameters to analyze that. Let us look at some of the characteristics of a good trade show booth.


Design of the entrance of the booth


We all know that the trade show booth must reflect the brand's motto to be ranked as a good booth. But how many of us know how? Do you know there is a difference between designing a trade show booth when planning to exhibition booth design for existing customers and when targeting new customers? While in the former case the design of the booth is based on the fact that how your product or brand has evolved from the past, and what new solutions are you offering, in the latter case the focus of trade show booth design is on being grand and eye-catching. A crisp and impactful version goes along with both cases.


A wide range of exhibition booths of varying sizes exists in the market that can be easily used to implement the above parameters. Custom booth design, modular booth design, 20x20 trade show booth designdouble-decker stands, country pavilions, and 20x30 trade show booth design, are some of the ranges of exhibition booths available in the market and nearly all can be designed in a way where we can keep the above-mentioned parameters in check.


Connect with the audience


A highly creative and innovative booth design missing trained staff that can engage customers is of little use. A good trade show booth can positively engage visitors simultaneously working on showcasing your products and services and discussions on the hot topics that you plan to share.


Colors that brighten up the space


A good trade show booth will be well-lit and has a lighting arrangement that brightens up the space.


Right atmosphere


Not only does a booth requires a well-lit brightened space but also has the right atmosphere where the customers would feel like stopping and staying. Some custom trade show booth designs have a relaxed seating arrangement for the visitors to stop by and listen creating just the right atmosphere. Though it is not an essential parameter to rank a trade show booth but with the modernization and competition that exists in the market having this add-on is a big plus in ranking a trade show booth as good.


Avoid cluttering


It is very essential to have an uncluttered setting at your booth for smooth execution. No one wants to stay in a fussy, cluttered place. So having an uncluttered space with enough breathing space is an essential parameter for a good custom exhibits Las Vegas.

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