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In the era of digitalization the marketing strategies have evolved over the period of time. However, the value of face-to-face interaction still holds a phenomenal place in marketing. Trade shows are a popular means of showcasing the products and services and successful communication of changing trends and future prospects. Direct contact with customers and instant feedback can make your brand evolve and do wonders for your business.

The question arises that how can we improve our trade show marketing plan. Let us list some of the ways in which we can improve our trade show marketing plan.

  1. 1.   Stand Booth Design

Here is what holds an important place in your budget plan. Invest on your stand booth design. Stand booth is the first thing that customers would see when they enter the trade show. A stand booth which catches attention will certainly help in bringing more traffic to your booth. Plan your budget for stand booth and make your vision clear to the trade show booth design company. Many stand booth design contractors now build customized booths based on the vision of the exhibitor. Be innovative and inventive while implementing your stand booth.

 Spend on comfortable seating arrangement and few refreshments to make your visitors stay longer at your booth. You get a better chance to showcase your products when visitors are relaxed and willing to hear more from you. Make proper lighting arrangements to keep the place well lit and de clutter your space often during the trade show.

  1. 2.   Engaging Conversations

Give importance to conversations with the visitors at your booth. Keep them engaged with activities which are interesting and that showcase your brand at the same time. People tend to remember more when they have actually participated in some activity. You get a chance to make your brand being remembered even after the visitors have left your place. Keep your meet and greet ethics strong and a pleasing composition for better communication. Many custom trade show exhibits provide their experienced staff for this at the venue.

  1. 3.   Updating the websites

Update your website with new products and launches. Keep your customers well informed about the solutions that you are providing. Publish announcements related to your upcoming products and shows regularly. Keep your website up-to-date and refresh regularly. Chances are your customers would like to search about the details of your products and services on your website. Make the information crisp and impactful.

  1. 4.   Email & Social Media marketing

Promote your services through email communication. Invite people to your trade show to share informative talks and lectures over the topics related to your products. People like to increase their knowledge on topics that cover upcoming trends and transformation. Grow your network through email communication with leaders and experts of the domain.

  1. 5.   Post show Email and Social Media marketing

The ending is the new beginning. Consider end of your trade show booth as the beginning of your brands value. Remember to follow-up with your old and new customers and keep the channel of communication open. Consider this as an important factor in your trade show exhibit design. The feedback is a chance to improve and grow in your future trade show presentations. Take benefit from the instant feedback to make last minute changes to your show if possible. Remember to never miss a chance to grow. 

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