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Trade shows are the widely accepted and featured marketing strategies used by big and small industries to enter the market and to establish a place. Whether it be a virtual event or in person event the value of trade show event cannot be minimalized. The trend of trade show event is very ancient though with the digitalization it has shown remarkable changes in the ways they are conducted nowadays.

How do you market a trade show?

Trade show marketing can be quite a tricky task. From planning to following up on the potential customers all requires a proper strategy. You need to conduct intensive research to identify the goals and objectives and how you would go about the entire process. The entire marketing set-up can be time consuming and labour intensive. Thanks to digitalization, quite a lot of tasks can be done using the latest technologies that require minimal labour and time.

Steps to plan for a trade show

  • Prepare a plan

Trade show marketing success requires a plan to be formulated to be able to have a clear vision of what you wish to achieve through the trade show event. Typical goals of a trade show event includes improving sales, increasing the number of visitors to the site and building brand awareness. Planning includes making the list of essentials and having a budget decided for each essential. You need to figure out which all trade shows will be beneficial for your company’s sales and marketing objectives. Determine the list of number of visitors in the previous event, their demographics and about exhibitors. Take feedback from the firms that have previously visited the event. Do your homework well before you plan to execute your plan?

  • Build up essential communication channels

Use social media like facebook, twitter, linkedIn to inform about your presence in the trade show. Give a reasonable short description about what you would be showcasing or discussing at the event. Update your website and make it user friendly for ease of more number of people to scroll and get to know about your event.

  • Make your trade show booth stand out

Trade show booth design companies these days play a vital role in the trade show event. There are a wide variety of highly innovative trade show booths available in the market that efficiently grab the attention of the visitors and are greatly helpful in generating business these days. The trade show booths are built around the vision of exhibitors reflecting the brands message through the booth itself. In earlier times there were not many options available for trade show booths and a traditional set-up was suffice to present and showcase the products and services. However, now the latest technologies have completely changed the perspective with which trade show booths ideas are designed and implemented.

You need to be extra careful in choosing the right vendor for your exhibition stands. We are giving a beautiful example that can help you choose the right vendor for your exhibition stands. Whenever you are looking for the right vendor keep the following pointers in check and choose accordingly. We have taken the example of Triumfo, one of the leading exhibition stand design company worldwide.


  • Budget

Triumfo provides highly innovative exhibition stands at reasonable packages and rentals with no hidden cost.

  • Distance from the venue

Triumfo is a name that has served its exhibition stands all over the world. Triumfo has its manufacturing units across UAE, Germany, Poland, USA and India

  • Experience

Triumfo is an expert in designing exhibition booth with more than two decades of experience in exhibition booth design and build.

  • Services and variety

Triumfo provides end to end solutions from designing, building to dismantling and storage.

Triumfo makes customized booths in various sizes according to the needs of exhibitors and can play well with trade show display ideas. Some of its projects include Octanorm stands, innovative custom booths, two storey stands and country pavilions.

  • Technology, Quality and Innovation

Triumfo has well-equipped manufacturing units and they use the latest equipment for building exhibition stands.

They are excellent in terms of innovation, style, attractiveness and provide outstanding booth designs with superior quality.

  • Reviews in the market

Triumfo is a well-known name in the market with good reviews from its customers.


  • Have a uniform for your staff members at the trade show

Having all staff members well-dressed in a particular uniform gives a very good impression about the company. It reflects the reliability and team spirit of the organization.

  • Have the right people on the floor

Having an outstanding booth only helps when you have a trained staff at the exhibition floor to handle the crowd. You need to work –hard on choosing who all are the right fits from your organization to be present on the exhibition floor. The balance of charm, charisma, etiquette and outspoken confident behavior is what you would be looking for to be able to handle the delicate few moment span of time needed to make the attendees stay at your booth to listen to what you are offering.

  • Follow up

The most essential part after the event is over is to follow up with the contacts that you have managed to have during the event. People generally want to think and make a decision with cool minds after they have gone back from the show. Within the weeks’ time when they are fresh with the memory of the trade show event gently remind them of your brand through emails or calls as per their consent.

  • Review your teams performance

It is very essential to review your team’s performance in the trade show marketing event and take necessary steps to improve for the future events. If something didn’t work out as planned, be prompt to change the strategy to something more workable. Work towards a strategy that can enhance your plan for your objectives. 

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