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Exhibition stands are the essence of trade shows and exhibitions. Hence, whenever it comes to selecting a suitable exhibition stand, it is normal for exhibitors to become sceptical and confused. The selection of an exhibition stand depends on various factors. Generally, exhibitors are confused between custom stands and rentals.

Rental exhibition stands are the best solution when you are not ready to commit to a custom exhibition stand. Rental booths are much more exciting and functional and are available in a wide range. It has been observed that most exhibitors think that rentals are not helpful in attracting visitors. Still, in reality, rentals are quite beneficial in making your brand a highlight of the trade show booth rental Boston or exhibition.

You can get a rental exhibition stand from the smallest 10×10 size to a larger island and 30×40 and a larger exhibition stand as per your requirements and budget. Over the last handful of years, things have exponentially improved with the rental display market. Exhibitors are now getting attracted more and more towards the rentals due to the multiple benefits provided by them than the expensive custom-built exhibition stands. Days are gone when rental exhibits were rigid and blocky trade show booth rentals in Las Vegas. Now you can easily get rentals that are as modern and sleek as you want them to be.

These days, rental display options are incredibly diverse with a lot of functionality and flexibility that cover all types of other required structural elements in the exhibition stand including graphics solutions, audio-video components, and various others from illuminated lightweight channel fit fabrics or backlit, to round and square-shaped aluminium extrusion frames and elegant modern truss. To give that perfect look to your rental exhibit, you can attach an endless supply of diverse and interesting materials at your disposal.

How to find the right rental exhibition stand for your needs

Many exhibition stand builders offer display rentals based on system-based properties or their proprietary extrusion. These trade show booth rentals in Chicago are of particular styles, offer very little variation even at larger sizes, and tend to look the same. These prefabricated rental display systems succeed at getting your attention with reduced pricing on websites or when looked at in pictures, but once you assemble them on the trade show floor, they blend in with similar-looking exhibiting systems and become unremarkable putting all your efforts into vain.

But if you pay a little attention to choosing the right exhibition stand display then in reality you can get a far better trade show rental display. Rather than selecting your exhibition display with a phone call or email to an exhibition stand builder, you must make effort in going and checking your rental display on your own. It really is that easy.


Exhibition stand builders have great rental options

Contacting an exhibition stand builder for your trade show rental display is a great idea. Good exhibition stand builders tend to have a diverse range of prefab and attractive display rentals. Their offered range of rental display solutions can be designed for any floor space or need including display tables, conference rooms, Kiosks, and reception counters.

You can easily get rentals in all sizes in the rental display inventory of good exhibition stand builders. Hence, it is important to look for established and experienced exhibition stand builders. To name a few of the sizes, you can get 10×10, 20×20, peninsulas, Islands, and double-deckers. They have them all.


The benefits of rental displays

If you are exhibiting for the first time then it is okay to get confused about opting for rental exhibits. But, if you have a non-committal mindset while exhibiting in a trade show or exhibition, or just participating check the scope of benefits of participating. Your reasons may vary for choosing a trade show display rental, but the good news is that these exhibiting systems are the solution to many problems.

To support your decision of choosing rental displays, here we are mentioning a few benefits of opting for rentals:


Rentals are budget solutions

If you are exhibiting on a tight budget, then no need to worry as Rentals are a budget-conscious option. Rental trade show booth outdoes a custom exhibition stand that may not fit all of your exhibiting needs. Renting an exhibition stand is a huge bonus as you can easily adjust it to a design of your needs.


Multiple venues at the same time

In case you are planning to attend more than one trade show with overlapping show dates then a rental trade show booth is an ideal display solution. You can easily opt for rentals without breaking the bank. You can also choose different rentals for your different shows at low prices.


Save money on shipping and drayage

This is the best part of choosing a rental trade show exhibit. They are the best option under your budget. You don’t have to worry about the stand looking attractive as you have the option of adding different elements to it. Aluminium extrusion display rental structures and hanging tension fabric exhibits are the types of rentals that can give you a massive footprint on the trade show floor. These types of rental displays can be easily packed into a couple of crates which will save you a ton on shipping and drayage.

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