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The show displays are the main factor of the trade show booth that helps in attracting visitors to the booth. While some of the exhibitors opt for standard displays others prefer a customized booth that gives them the liberty to also customize their show displays. But the major goal is to have a display that will immediately hold the attention of the attendee and ultimately enhance your show booth traffic.

To help you make your Trade Show Booth rental in Las Vegas more attractive, we have enlisted different types of show displays that you can add to your trade show booth.

Banner Stands

One of the most common show displays used to hold visitors’ attention and make them move towards the show booth is Trade Show Display Banners. These are frameworks built of metal or plastic. All you need to do is put an appealing fabric to the framework and boom you have a good-looking banner stand. The other reason to use them is that they can be easily dismantled and packed. Thus, making them an ideal choice for your Trade Show Booth Rental Chicago.

Hanging Displays

There are multiple things that can be used as hanging displays including signage, booth banner, AVs, and much more. These are attached to the ceiling with the help of cords and wires and are available in various sizes and shapes like rings, squares, and pyramids. The forms of hanging displays can also be customized easily. These show displays are easily collapsible and lightweight making them a good choice.

Graphic Tent and Canopies

These show displays are commonly utilized during outdoor trade show events. In these show displays, the company’s logo is printed on the canopy, hence they are also known as logo canopies. These show displays usually have a plastic or metal framework that can be open on all sides keeping the top covered by a drape. Such show displays have no standard size as they can vary in shape and size depending on the needs of the company.

Panel and Frame

Panel and frame show displays are another liked choice of trade show exhibit rental in Los Angeles to make the booth look distinguished. Because of their easy assembly and dismantling, these are commonly seen in trade show pop-ups. These show displays are built by joining a series of panels and creating a wall-like structure. Hence, they are generally used as backdrops and booth walls. Lighting fixtures can also be attached to them, which is a salient feature of these displays.

Table Tops and Table Covers

Tabletops are tables that are used to display the products during the event. The tops are secured by magnets and Velcro giving maximum space to the exhibitors to display their trade show graphics.  On the other hand, Table covers also called show covers, are the fabric used to cover the tabletop with trade show graphics. Generally, these have the company logo or company slogan printed on them.

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