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A trade show is a fantastic venue for businesses to promote themselves and acquire new clients in order to increase sales. As a result, trade exhibitions are one of the most successful marketing tactics used in the business sector. According to recent polls, exhibitors spend the bulk of their show expenditure on event venue hire. While this may appear to be rational at first look, it's simple to see why so many organisations fail to get a solid ROI with this method. Being present at a trade fair is one thing.

Standing out during a trade show display ideas fair is a completely distinct experience. With customers and other companies eager for interaction and amusement, your brand will need to do much more than "be present" to create an impression. Fortunately, bespoke show booths are meant to make the long-lasting and stunning impression you've been looking for. Having a well-designed bespoke trade show display is just as vital as partaking in an exhibition at a trade show.

Here are some of the important things to remember while working on custom exhibit booths which represent your brand at a trade show. You can consult with your trade show booths 40x40 exhibit builders like Triumfo, who will help you to work on the booth and give you what you need.

Setting Goals

The first stage in designing custom exhibit booths is determining the specific aims and objectives you want to achieve. Whatever your objectives are, recognising them in advance can assist influence the design of your display booth for success.

Your goal may influence which features to utilise to increase the number of visitors or even which design pattern to use. Knowing your objectives may also help you create an adequate trade fair budget to guarantee you get the most bang for your buck. If you want to make the bulk of your money from these events, make sure your budget for Trade show booth rental Chicago and design reflects this.

Designing the Booth

Once you have decided on the goals for your custom exhibit, it is time to work on the design. Generally, you would want to work with a trade show exhibit builder like Triumfo that can help you with exhibition booth ideas and design the booth according to your needs and vision. Your project manager here will coordinate with you regarding the booth in all stages. First, you would decide on the size of the booth. Let's take a 20x40 booth display as a reference.

Starting from designing to the mock-ups everything will be sent to you for approval and the team will finally start to work on the main booth once approved by you. If you're unhappy with the appearance of your trade show booth, now is the time to make structural or minor detail adjustments. Most exhibits offer 20x40 trade show booths, so make sure your display is the right size.

Branding the Booth

The next stage in creating powerful custom exhibit booths is to figure out how to communicate your brand's narrative. This is a critical component that many exhibitors overlook, and it may badly harm your business. At your expo, there might be a large number of different booths. Given the number of exhibitors, there is a good probability that somebody else will have items that are identical to yours.

This isn't an issue if your brand game is strong. However, if you concentrate too much on items and not enough on brand promotion, you will be easily forgotten. Your logo, brand colours, and narrative will be what distinguishes you from the competition and makes you unforgettable. Use this to your advantage by ensuring that your branding is consistent from beginning to end on all custom booth projects.

Choose Minimal 'Wow' Elements

Designers may frequently get side-tracked with adding 'wow' components when constructing a bespoke show booth. These are the elements of your layout that draw attention and make a visit to your booth so appealing.

This may be an interesting LCD screen, a live presentation, or even a unique interactive feature. While we strongly advise selecting minimal of these fantastic crowd-pleasers, it's critical not to stimulate customers with a crowded booth.

Lighting is Important


Let's face it: trade show lighting stinks. Instead of expecting to end up underneath a perfectly positioned light, take the matter into your own control by meticulously arranging and positioning your lighting. Use lighting to bring attention to prominent product displays and to make the environment feel more inviting. If you are unclear about how to use lighting, consider hiring display booth designers to properly capitalise on this game-changing feature. A well-lit custom exhibit booth can outperform a dark and filthy exhibit.

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