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A strong digital presence reflects your company’s good image in the market which also helps in increasing lead conversion. While exhibiting you can also increase your digital presence which results in bringing more value to your company both during and after the display for trade show.

In this blog, you will get some tips to make your digital presence stronger along with attracting your audience to your booth. We will also suggest the top exhibition booth builders so that you can leave a lasting impression on the trade show exhibit rental and digital world. 

Have a closer look at various tactics to increase your reputation on the digital platform while participating in an exhibition.   

Before Trade Show

  • Carry out detailed research which includes which brands are exhibiting, which products or services you should promote, whom you should target, and much more. On the basis of the results, prepare a social media marketing plan.
  • Decide one theme that covers objectives and your business role in a trade show. Include this theme in most of your posts.
  • Post regularly about the presence of your company in the custom exhibit booths.
  • Use hashtags to advertise your presence and a glimpse of the various deals you will offer.
  • Use email marketing that encourages clients to visit your booth.
  • Create buzz about your new launch by uploading mini teasers.
  • Add a banner on your website.      

During Trade Show

  • At regular intervals images and videos of your activities, speakers addressing important topics, and feedback of your clients through videos.  
  • Use the live feature and showcase your deals or the whole scenario of the trade show booths 40x40.
  • Take a short video interview with positive clients, and ask a few favorable questions that help in increasing your reputation.
  • Capture videos of clients using products during a product demonstration and ask about their reviews.
  • Encourage attendees to post the reviews through their personal pages and tag them to your company.

 After Trade Show

Post various blogs highlighting your various deals, experience with different clients, educational sessions, and other activities that can interest the clients. Also, include feedback from the clients in the form of a testimonial. Highlight your success through the blog and social media posts.  

Analyse which digital marketing techniques worked and which didn’t. Know which thing gained more traffic. Use this result while exhibiting in the next trade show booth construction. It will help you gain higher results in the upcoming trade show and always give the best results.

Get the Best Display for a trade show

Choose while selecting the best exhibition booth builders as we have all the resources to provide the top-notch booth. Whether you are planning for a trade show display rental or purchasing one, you can easily rely on us. 

Our design studio lets us provide the best custom booth design that can impress your potential buyers for a longer time. First, we aim at knowing your goals and then our skilled graphic designer will create a masterpiece.

As we have our own manufacturing unit, design studio, and warehouse, there is no need to pay extra amounts to middlemen which makes our services more cost-effective. 

Simply reach us and we will provide you with the best services!

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