Chicago is one of the top destinations in the world for hosting events. There are several reasons why the Windy City of Chicago has become such a popular location for these major events. Also for participating in the events in Chicago, there are several elements that need to be kept in mind for a successful event.


In this blog, we will discuss the reasons that make Chicago so special for being a host city of thousands of important events like expos, trade shows, conventions, exhibitions, and many others. We will also discuss the elements that should be incorporated during the making of a trade show booth construction Chicago.


Why Chicago is the Top Destination for Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Here are the reasons that make Chicago the most favorable destination for events:


Firstly, Chicago is conveniently located in the Midwest, making it easily accessible for attendees coming from either coast or the middle of the country. The city has two major airports and both airports see thousands of flights and millions of people throughout the year. This makes travel to Chicago smooth and efficient for exhibitors and attendees alike. 


Secondly, Chicago has a large amount of exhibition space available. McCormick Place is North America's largest convention center with over 2.6 million square feet of exhibit space. Large display for trade show that need a tremendous amount of room flock to McCormick Place year after year.


In addition to McCormick Place, Chicago has several other large venues like Navy Pier and the Merchandise Mart that host sizable shows and exhibitions. The abundance of exhibit space available means Chicago can accommodate the largest shows in the world.


Thirdly, Chicago offers great transportation infrastructure within the city, making it easy for attendees to get around. Chicago has trains, buses, taxis, and other public transportation readily available to take visitors from their hotels to the convention centers.


Large shows spread across the city become accessible with Chicago's transit options. Attendees can effortlessly get to where they need to go. Also, the transport system helps the exhibit booth rentals in Chicago to transport the logistics easily.


Fourthly, Chicago boasts a vast array of restaurants, hotels, and entertainment. No matter where a trade show is located, attendees will find plenty of options for dining, nightlife, shopping, and lodging. Chicago has thousands of restaurants, cafes, pubs, bars as well as hotels that provide multiple choices from budget to luxury.


Iconic attractions like the Magnificent Mile, Millennium Park, and Navy Pier give attendees activities to enjoy outside the custom trade show exhibits halls. Chicago's superb amenities make it a great experience for exhibitors and attendees.


Elements to Keep in Mind for a Chicago Trade Show Stand

If you are exhibiting at a trade show in Chicago, you want your booth to stand out and attract attendees. Here are some key elements to keep in mind when designing your Chicago trade show stand:


Mobility: Many of Chicago's trade show venues have massive floors. Make sure your stand can be easily transported and maneuvered into the space. Wheels and modularity are must-haves.


Verticality: Chicago shows tend to have visitors packed densely into aisles. A tall, vertical stand above the crowd will get noticed. Use banners, signage, display walls, etc. to bring height into your booth design.


Customization: Even with a small space, make it unique to your brand. Bring logo walls, customized furnishings, branded giveaways, and other touches to the custom exhibition stand to your company. A personalized exhibit is memorable.


Engagement: trade show booth construction attendees seek interactivity. Have samples, products, demos, etc. to bring hands-on experiences to your booth. The more engaging your exhibit, the longer you will keep visitors staying.


Technology: Incorporate technology like video screens, touch displays, virtual or augmented reality, etc. to bring a cutting-edge factor to your booth. Technology attracts attention and gives you a platform to vividly showcase your brand.


Theater: Events, presentations, demonstrations, and the like presented at your stand will consistently draw in crowds. A stage, seating, and A/V equipment can turn your stand into a trade show theater destination.


Comfort: Give attendees a place to take a break from walking the show floor. Add anything to make your booth a comfortable oasis such as Couches, charging stations, and refreshments. Comfort keeps visitors staying longer and engaged as well.




Chicago is a world-class destination that attendees are excited to visit. Chicago offers big-city excitements and attractions beyond just the trade show. Many attendees take advantage of visiting Chicago's renowned museums, historic architecture, lakefront views, and professional sports teams.


Attendees can easily extend their business trips into mini-vacations, which incentivizes making the trip to Chicago. All these factors combine to make Chicago a top contender when organizations are deciding where to host their trade show or exhibition.


Keep the above-mentioned elements in your mind when planning for your trade show booth displays in Chicago. Combine eye-catching design with engaging experiences, technology, and comforts to make your booth a must-see at any Windy City show. With strategic planning and creative touches, your exhibit can be a showstopper.

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