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Graphics at the display for trade show makes them look cool and stunning as well as they also attract the audience because of their eye-catching looks. There are several types of graphics that the exhibition stands builders use in their displays but these graphics also cost way more than people may think. At the time when there are tight budgets, you have to save your costing in multiple ways. So here in this blog, we will let you know how you can save your money on trade show graphics with some simple tips.

1. Use Templates: Take advantage of free design templates for banners, signs, and display graphics easily available on the internet. You can customize the templates with your own images, logos, and messaging. This trick will save you time and money rather than designing from scratch.

2. Limit the Number of Graphics: Minimize the total number of banners, posters, and display panels. Even overcrowding of graphics all over the booth does not look and make any sense. Just focus on a few key messages and designs that can span the entire booth space. The fewer the number of graphics you use, the lower your total cost will come, and it will look decent as well.

3. Reuse Existing Assets: custom trade show exhibit designs this way so that you can easily use product photos, logos, images, and brand assets you already have. Repurposing existing visuals that you own or have the rights to use can eliminate the need for a photo shoot or graphic design work.  

4. Scale Down Your Graphics: Full 8-foot backdrops and large cutout shapes cost a lot. See if your graphics supplier offers lower-cost size options like tabletop displays, specifically under 6 feet high, banners under 3 feet wide, or smaller floor decals. For budget purposes, the sizes of these items definitely do matter.

5. Use Stock Photography: Stock photos are very affordable and help you create eye-catching graphics without paying for custom images. Choose stock images that represent your brand and product to keep a cohesive look. However, avoid using the exact same stock photos as your competitors as it could create a bad image of your Brand in front of others.

6. Limit Color Printing: It is obvious relation that the more colors you used in your trade show booth design graphics, the higher they will ultimately cost you. Stick to 1-2 spot colors such as black and white with color accents. These single or dual-color options provide a big impact at a lower cost than full-color (CMYK) printing.  

7. Buy graphics for re-use: If you attend multiple trade shows, consider purchasing display materials like retractable banners, table skirts, and floor decals that you can reuse at future events. The initial investment may cost more upfront but can save you money in the long run versus renting or purchasing new graphics for each show.


8. Ask about budget options: Tell your graphic designer or display supplier about your tight budget and ask if they offer any lower-cost alternatives or ways to cut down on expenses. They may suggest more affordable materials, smaller sizing options, or ways to streamline your design requests to meet your needs at a lower price point. Be upfront to get the most budget-friendly recommendations.


So, these were some tips that you as an exhibition booth builders can use to save your cost on graphics while you are planning for a trade show booth at any exhibition. For further information on exhibition stand building and rentals, you can simply contact us.

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