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One of New York's premier exhibit design firms, with over 20 years of experience and a top-class builder who has created memorable and impactful exhibits for clients across industries Triumfo Inc. has so far achieved many success stories. Our priorities are making audiences feel excited, informed, and inspired. That is why we transform innovative concepts and visions into successful and tangible exhibits.

We are known as a leading company for high-quality trade show exhibit rental New York. Throughout the entire process of booth building our dedicated teams of designers, fabricators, and production specialists work closely with clients. To understand client’s unique goals and bring their ideas to life strategic designs, interactive experiences, and thoughtful craftsmanship is used.

At every project effectively telling the stories of our client’s brand and sparking meaningful connections with visitors is on the list of our priorities. Here are some more examples of how we work precisely for our clients in New York City.

Design Process

The first step is discovery. We fully immerse ourselves in our client's mission, vision, audience, and objectives through research, interviews, and brainstorming sessions. This foundational research helps us gain a complete understanding of:

  • What stories need to be told?
  • Values that resonate with audiences.
  • Experiences to inspire action or participation.

With this knowledge in hand and through prototypes, narratives, and experience maps our team of designers begins conceptualizing ideas. Until the right approach is refined various trade show booth displays and concepts to clients for feedback and collaboration are brought by us.

Lastly, rigorous production planning is undertaken by us. Our skilled team develops technical drawings, material sourcing, production schedules, and budgets to translate designs into reality seamlessly and on schedule.

Crafting Engaging Experiences:

At the core of every project is thoughtfully designing engaging experiences. Through integrated digital displays, projection mapping, and hands-on display units we develop interactive spaces showcasing client’s latest innovations.

By just playing around with realistic prototypes booth attendees could learn several things about the exhibit. To make people feel like they are truly exploring something extraordinary floor-to-ceiling panoramic images and videos is what you can use.

Strong Material Choices:

Every element contributes to the overall narrative. As expert trade show display rentals in New York, our strategic material selection is what allows clients to maximize the lifespan and impact of their installations.

Whether it's selecting durable powder-coated aluminum for structural components or multimedia displays, tactile fabric for seating, or touchscreen-enabled surfaces, we ensure each material blends aesthetics with functionality based on anticipated foot traffic, content changes, and maintenance needs.

Global Fabrication & Production:

While we are based in the US, to provide production services worldwide our network extends globally. Whether partially fabricated offsite in our massive factory or fully built internationally, we expertly manage logistics for domestic or international shipping and installation. Our deep relationships with all kinds of suppliers help us ensure deliveries on time along with cost savings.

Value beyond Installations:

Our expertise in custom trade show exhibit design goes beyond designing and fabricating. To ensure clients continue deriving optimal value over the lifespan of installations we provide:

  • Ongoing maintenance.
  • Refreshes.
  • Reinstallations.
  • storage solutions.

As trends keep changing and emerging into new, it is very crucial for us to keep ourselves well updated with the market needs and demands. In addition to these, our team is also well experienced in safely de-installing, refurbishing, and reconstructing exhibits wherever they may travel next. For future use, only purpose-built storage facilities can help preserve assets.

Commitment to Quality & Service:

At Triumfo Inc., quality and client service are not just values - they define our very practice. From the initial proposal through fabrication, installation, program tuning, and de-installation years later, we act as partners fully invested in our clients' missions.

To ensure the highest safety, quality, and workmanship on every project we maintain rigorous industry certifications, and compliance standards and regularly audit our suppliers. Combined with competitive, transparent pricing and around-the-clock service, it's no wonder many of our clients continue returning to us for all their exhibit needs, year after year.


For over 20 years as the premiere exhibition stand builder in New York, we at Triumfo have transformed various ambitious exhibition stand contractor into vibrant and interactive spaces. Each new project is approached with passion by our dedicated teams. We are known for ensuring a high level of commitment to the stand quality & our overall service.

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