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Long Beach City is one of the very famous cities situated in Los Angeles County of the US state of California. The city is known for its lash beaches and impressive sceneries around the city that attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every single year. Long Beach City is also a great destination for the events, expos, and trade fairs held in the city.

Some of the very famous events that held in the Long Beach are Grand Prix, Long Beach Juneteenth Celebration, Long Beach Pride, Long Beach Walls & Art Renzei Festival, Holiday Season Extravaganza, and many more. The City has some of the best exhibition and convention centres such as Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Centre which is largest convention centre in the city. Hundreds of events and trade shows held every year in the city at various other places also.

To perform at the exhibitions and trade shows at the multiple trade shows held at the Long Beach City you must hire a trade show booth design long beach to provide you with the best trade show booth which will attract a huge number of visitors to your booth. This will help you to increase your Brand awareness and make leads with your products and services at the trade show. Here are some tips to build the finest exhibition stand for Long Beach, California:

Choose an Attractive Design

The trade show displays ideas is very important to attract visitors. Choose a design that is modern, stylish and aligns well with your brand image along with your company’s key message. The stand should be open and inviting and you can use some special colors and shapes that are eye-catching. Having good lighting also enhances the overall look and feel.

Use High Quality and Durable Materials

Another very important custom trade show booth design is that as it is a trade show, then your stand will be assembled and disassembled multiple times. So, try to use high quality, durable and lightweight materials like aluminium, steel, wood, etc. This will make the stand long lasting and easy to setup and teardown.

Include Engaging Elements

Just having a nice stand is not enough. You need to give visitors reasons to stop by your stand that includes engaging elements like an interactive product display, VR/AR experience, games, live demo, etc. This will attract more footfalls and keep them engaged.

Focus on Key Messaging

Decide on the key messages you want to convey to the attendees beforehand. Then determine strategic locations on the stand and exhibition stand builders to place these messages. The messages should be brief, impactful and aligned with your business objectives. Repeat the messages throughout the stand using visuals and graphics.

Train Your Staff

Your staff is one of the most important parts of the exhibition stand. Train them well on your products, services, key messaging, competitor details, etc. They should be able to engage the visitors, qualify them and pitch your offerings effectively. Provide all necessary sales tools and collaterals to aid them.

Offer Promotions and Freebies

Run contests, promotions and giveaways to boost engagement and create buzz around your stand. But don’t giveaway cheap trinkets, rather offer something useful that attendees will appreciate like a product sample, gift card, mobile charger, notepad, pen, etc.

Follow up With Leads

Collect visitor information like business cards or have them fill out a lead generation form. Then follow up with them after the display for trade show through calls, emails or newsletter campaigns. Following up is key to converting leads into real customers.

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