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Indianapolis is one of the most ideal cities for events to be held in it for various reasons. Indianapolis is quickly becoming one of the top destinations in the United States for trade shows, exhibitions, and conventions. The city offers many advantages that make it an ideal location to host major events that draw attendees from around the country and even across the globe.

Along with the events, it is also very important to predominantly expose yourself and your Brand during the event. To make your presence memorable among the other exhibitors, only the best trade show exhibit rental Indianapoliscan help you to do so. With an eye-catching and attractive design exhibitors can attract a large portion of the audience to their stand.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the key reasons why Indianapolis shines when it comes to trade shows and exhibitions and how to deliver the best exhibition stand design to attract the crowd.

Reasons why Indianapolis is Top Destination for Events

Indianapolis sits in the center of the Midwest almost at the population center of the United States. It is easily accessible for attendees coming from all areas of the country because of its strategic location. It's easy for companies, exhibit booth rentals, and attendees based in the surrounding to travel to events in Indianapolis. The geographic location gives it broad appeal.

The infrastructure of Indianapolis is world-class and has a major international airport that offers direct flights to most major cities. The city is also connected by interstate highways and major rail lines, so attendees have multiple transportation options to get to events hosted there. Also, Indianapolis has invested heavily in developing first-rate convention and event facilities over the past decade. The city can comfortably accommodate even the largest trade shows and exhibitions

Compared to other major trade show destinations Indianapolis has very affordable hotel room rates. Indianapolis also has lower taxes, parking costs, and general cost of living than other big cities. This keeps costs down for event organizers, attendees, exhibitors, and exhibition stand contractorin Indianapolis.

The downtown area of Indianapolis has a lively energy during big conventions and events. With great restaurants, bars, shops, and attractions, attendees have plenty of options for food, nightlife, and entertainment within easy walking distance of major venues. Indianapolis offers a great experience even when the 10x20 trade show booth floor is closed for the day.

The city consistently ranks high in servant leadership and friendliness. The residents, business, and hospitality community along with the convention and trade show industry in Indianapolis is very supportive of everything. Attendees feel welcomed by friendly Hoosier hospitality.

How to Make the Best Trade Show Stand in Indianapolis

If you are exhibiting at a trade show or convention event going to be held in Indianapolis then here are some tips for designing an effective and eye-catching trade show stand:

Play up the Indianapolis Theme

Incorporating the local elements of Indianapolis into the design can be a good idea. It will automatically make your brand stand out from other exhibitors. You can use race car themes or bricks from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and reference the city's sports teams. It will reflect the city and locals and visitors would love this.

Make it Open and Inviting

To make the booth look more spacious and inviting first of all avoid walls that close off your stand. Another thing is only use those elements that create openness like counters, displays, and floating shelves. This draws attendees in to learn more about your brand.

Use Bold Visuals and Graphics

If your budget allows consider large-format photos, infographics, product images, or even a video wall. Big, colorful graphics and visuals grab the attention of the crowds. Keep the text short, and readable, and use your brand logo prominently.

Showcase Your Products or Services

Don't just talk about what you offer, show it! Custom exhibition standsin Indianapolis with displaying the products, and have demos, or simulations to showcase your offering. Give attendees a hands-on experience at your stand and have a representative ready to engage visitors, interactivity helps make an impression.

Have Promotional Freebies or Prizes

Who doesn't love something for free? Offer useful promotional products that attendees can use and remember your brand. Use giveaways to collect attendee contact info as well. Make sure you have the branding of your Brand on every giveaway item.

Provide Seating Areas

Make your stand filled with usable counters, tables, chairs, stools, or benches so that attendees can sit while chatting with your team. Seating areas make your stand more comfortable and welcoming. Also, offer beverages or snacks to the attendees this makes a good gesture.


Indianapolis has a very great Central Location in the Midwest of the United States. The city is also a convenient location for the world-Class convention and exhibit facilities along with great accessibility. These are the reasons that make Indianapolis one of the most favorable destinations for events.

Making your trade show exhibit rental in Indianapolis engaging and memorable takes creativity and planning. Use these tips when designing your stand for the next trade show in Indianapolis. With a smart presentation of your brand, you can connect with current clients and meet new prospects.

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