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Exhibiting is an excellent approach for small companies to create relationships, improve their brand, and produce sales since it provides excellent exposure to leading companies and highly engaged customers. And, with trade show booth design ideas becoming more competitive, there is no excuse for smaller firms not to participate in trade shows.

 At industry events and trade exhibitions, small firms may now reap the same advantages as their larger competitors. Industry gatherings, once regarded as a corporate Who's Who of business executives, are now acknowledged as a fantastic chance for smaller local firms. Trade show booth builders have gotten more reasonable, making these profitable events a sound investment in future success for even the tiniest company.


There are various advantages to attending trade shows, whether you set up custom exhibit booths or merely visit as an attendee. Search for a trade fair that focuses on small company growth. Exhibiting is one of the top marketing tactics, with a constantly expanding list of custom exhibition stand Builders options, very minimal open expenses, and exponential success potential.


Here are some great advantages of having an exhibition booth design by the small businesses for participating in any of the major exhibition stand builders dubai.

Attendees from the area


The more individuals you know as a small-business owner, the more prosperous your company is going to be. Industry events allow companies of all sizes to meet new customers, connections, and vendors, many of whom live and work in the area. This is an excellent networking opportunity. Because of lower shipping and travel costs, these regional relationships are more economical to small firms. Lowering your expenditures means greater profits for you! Having an exhibition booth design that can attract more eyes can help you meet more attendees from your locality and as a result increase your customer base.

In-person Interactions


Building great customer connections is what the corporate world is all about, and engaging with your consumers in person helps to create trust and boost the legitimacy of your company. Several companies promote by email or cold phoning; putting up trade show displays is a welcome break for such businesses. It provides an opportunity to improve your customer interface abilities while also creating a positive buzz about every product or service. Face-to-face encounters will assist you get market momentum while also expanding your consumer base. You can hire a trade show exhibit rental New York can be of great help to stand in par with the larger companies and gain more interacting opportunities.

On-Site Selling


Site sales are just one facet of trade shows that many small company owners overlook when assessing the benefits and drawbacks of exhibiting. Trade fairs aren't merely about generating leads or achieving other goals. They are, in fact, an excellent opportunity to pitch and close deals! Surprisingly, many participants attend these exhibitions with the aim of purchasing a certain product or service. You can ask the builders to have the exhibition booth design in such a way that you can display and highlight your products and services.

Media Presence


Industry events are always covered by the media. Journalists and cameramen from all major media houses around the city, country and other countries are dispatched to capture the newest and best in your sector. A very well built exhibition booth design and a professional pitch may bring your small business to the forefront without expenditure. In addition, if your trade show booth has competitions or even other special interest features, event guests may offer even more media exposure through the smartphones and social networks. One viral video may catapult your tiny business to national prominence.

Enhanced Industry Reputation


Small businesses are frequently forced to pay more for less. This is due, in part, to the economies of scale, something you won't be able to control until your tiny firm expands. Simultaneously, you may leverage these events to boost your reputation in your field. A professional looking trade show booth rental, a very well booth personnel, and an elevated product or service may boost your industry position, resulting in cheaper costs and higher profitability.

Triumfo International is one of the renowned trade show booth rentals in New York. They have exhibition booth designs of all kinds and can help you to get the best out of your budget. So, whether or not if you have a small business, they have a solution for you to participate in any exhibition.

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With changing times, the present digital marketing is increasing at a faster pace and, it is also the very best platform wherein you can invest your promotional budget and a place to cater to a larger audience.

But one needs to keep a balance between online and offline marketing tactics. As offline marketing is also a medium to capture the targeted audience and trade shows are the best place to get some the best of the outcomes and, you will not get a better place than this? 

Trade shows are a platform where: 

Brands can promote easily 

Trade shows have always been a platform to promote your company’s brand and, a good trade show booth not only helps in creating an impact within the minds of attendees but also explains what your company does and how your brand is unique from others. Stand contractors in Dubai helps in focusing more on highlighting your brand and, creating a visual that is not only eye-catching but creative too. 

Assist in defining your product 

Other than the pop-up display, or visit to a client’s office, one of the best ways to showcase your products and services is to promote them in trade shows by presenting at your custom trade show booth manufacturers, as through this method you can easily demonstrate your products and can easily tell your product's capability to someone who is right in front of you. 

You can always opt for some creativity within your trade show booth display that helps in attracting the passer-by towards your booth and once they are inside your booth you can always amaze them with the unique benefits and features that your company’s products and services offer. 

Opportunity Ground for Interacting

An exhibit design companies Atlanta always gives a chance to your attendees to interact with your brands directly. Try opting for new technologies that will not only encourage interactions but that give your audience a new way to your booth experience. For Example, if you are into a food company, then you might set up a café or such environment wherein you can invite people and can give them something to eat or, maybe ask them to take a sip of drinks or so. 

It will create an opportunity to directly interact with your target audience and give you a chance to create futuristic opportunities for generating business. 

Reason to make you stand out from your competitors

Investing in a 30x40 trade show displays will specifically give a chance to meet a new base of customers. But it is also a place where companies directly or indirectly related to your industry base are all gathered at a single dais. It will give a better chance to make new connections, form long-lasting and fruitful relationships and also see what your competitors are offering, and how you can make your brand stand out from your competitors. 

A platform to get quality sales leads 

It gives an opportunity to directly interact and also to your customer base. It is a place where your customer can interact directly with your products and services and wherein trade show booth rentals helps in making your booth stand out, helps in grabbing the attention, but it assists in making the most out of the investment made in the trade show booth design and makes sure that you must have an efficient data of your target audience, that will automatically help in targeting the right audience at the right time. 

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We often read about the impact of empowering creativity and uniqueness to a trade show booth. But how often we think about how a trade show booth is organized and what all are the intricacies of the process. Exhibit display companies deliver us the most outstanding designs of trade show booths and we are left to focus upon the other agendas of trade show event. We look forward to have a booth to be placed appropriately at the place of maximum possibilities. But a lot more goes into organizing a trade show booth than we imagine.

 Let us discuss here some of the factors you have to consider when organizing trade show exhibit booths.

Choose the right event

First and foremost you need to make up your mind on what kind of business event will be right for your brand. Exhibiting without the sense of right judgment of which trade show event will suit your business can lead to time and resource wastage. You need to be well aware of the target audience that will be present at the show where you will be exhibiting. People like to attend events that are in line with the theme of the trade show event. Off the track events straight away get unnoticed unless there is something very appealing that you bring to the show. Therefore it is important to consider and thoughtfully choose which trade show event you should choose to exhibit your brand.

Select your space

There is a lot of information available for exhibitors to help them choose the right space for exhibiting. Working on everything else and leaving out on this aspect can drop you to a huge loss. For an exhibition to be successful, it should be visited by certain number of attendees which you can try to convert to business leads.  And lot many factors affect the attendance of attendees at the booth. Custom exhibit displays grab the attention of people but it is certainly important that your booth is in the vicinity of the show where there are maximum number of chances to be attended. Strategies like choosing the space near the entrance, choosing the place near corners, cross junctions, cafes and restaurants, and being left or right to the trade fair exhibitions are some of the ways that need a thoughtful decision based on your budget and other parameters.

Functional aspects

Before you begin the designing of stand you need to make a list of things that you will need on the stand. Things like laptops or IPad, pens, paper or business cards to capture leads is one aspect. You also need to decide on the power requirements that you will be needing at your booth. You would be selling items on stand or exhibiting to create awareness would decide the design of your booth.  What furniture you would be needing or if you need a meeting room are some of the aspects that will be a deciding factor for your exhibition booth design.

Design of your exhibition booth

Your exhibition booth is the first thing that will be noticed by the attendees. It creates the first impression of your brand and showcases your individuality. Do not act miserly on this aspect as a lot depends on your booth to be able to provide you traffic at your booth. A dull and cluttered environment is a big turn off for people. Have arrangements to make your place well lit and properly organized with breathing space at your booth. Relaxing seating arrangements is a big plus when it comes to defining a good exhibition booth. Creative ideas and unique innovative designs grab the attention of people. Take time to decide upon this factor of the design of your exhibition booth. You can go for rentals of exhibition booth rather than buying it if you want to go to a higher end in design. However, it depends more on your usability of the booth that you decide to buy or rent. Trade show exhibit builder Chicago construction is an art and focusing on the little things can give you an outstanding result in terms of innovation and creativity.

Exhibitor manual

The exhibition organizer sends an exhibitor manual detailing the necessary information regarding the trade show exhibit builder Dallas. It details the exhibition floor plan and any marketing efforts that the organizer will be engaging in. It tells about the services available and timeline for you to take action. All in all your exhibition manual will be all you need for the information related to exhibiting.

Choose the right exhibition design and building vendor

Finding the right exhibition design and building vendor can be tricky. It takes into account several factors to choose the right vendor. Budget, distance of its manufacturing unit from venue, experience in designing and building exhibition stands, the services they offer, quality of materials used, latest technologies and equipment, innovation and style, variety and reviews of the company by their clients are some of the parameters upon which we figure out the right vendor for our exhibition booth design and building.


An important consideration is required on deciding how your exhibition stand will be transported to the venue. Many companies like Triumfo provide the facilities of installation, dismantling and storage along with the design and building services. For timely delivery you need to figure out the most appropriate way of transportation for your booth either by yourself or through the design companies. You need to organize the transportation of your exhibition stand in line with the time of your exhibition.

Storage of stand

If you are purchasing the exhibition booth then you will have to figure out for the storage of exhibition booth till you will use it again. Rentals save you on this parameter as you have no responsibility to store the stand after your exhibition is over. Many companies which have their manufacturing units near the venue also provide the storage facilities.

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Exhibitions are always been an excellent way of building relationships and a path to explore from an ample opportunities and to gain some insights from the in numerous experience of the past years that helps in staying ahead and stand out from the competitors.

Trade show s are been considered as a festive wherein you get the chance to make your brand recognized and helps in maintaining its brand identity on one hand and a spot of engaging with others on the other. It is not only about hiring a trade show exhibit builders and constructing your stand, but it’s about creating the impression, and that to make it awesome and breath-taking in a first go.

Let’s have a look at some of the most effective ways to attract the attendees towards your booth by beating the competition and by making your brand a powerhouse of generating leads and make it impactful.

Make it happen within a few seconds

First impression is the last impression generally a saying which is totally applicable for the exhibitions industry, it says that if you can’t make it first time then it’s gone. Exhibitions is all about creating an objective for the exhibit booth rental las vegas and ensuring that it is well achieved. Objective can vary from selling, to boosting your company and brand image, or it can be marketing or generating leads but what needs to be clear is that they should be aligned with the stand showcasing. As your stand is the foremost way of recognition and also helps in creating a positive connotation to one and all present.

Devise a strong branding approach

Branding is an important factor for promoting any business, and it does not ends with designing a logo and making it visible on the stand but it is more than that now the brand identity basically focuses on expressing the company’s core values and what work it does for the society, for the sustainability and what is their future prospects. So company branding is an utmost factor in creating a first and long lasting impressions.

Communicate to the people right on time

Once you have decided to be a part of any exhibition make sure that you communicate well to the customers who are visiting the trade show booth construction Indianapolis beforehand through the medium of your website and the social media pages, or by sending regular email updates so they are up to date with the information and can visit your stand at the time of exhibition.

Remember the older while capturing the new

Grab the newbie but don’t forget your existing masters that has always been a part of your company’s journey, one of the best way to restore them is to make sure that they always remember you by giving them something that is worth keeping like the product samples, the USB portable charges, tote bags and much more. This type of items will not only help in promotion but helps in making your clientele feeling more valued and honoured.

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Although digital marketing may make headlines, trade shows are unmatched for genuine involvement. In addition to giving guests the ability to interact with current clients, 81 percent of trade show exhibit builders attendees are decision-makers. The potential for new business prospects is practically at our fingertips.

 Successful trade show planning involves planning, imagination, and tenacity. The amount of work put into a trade show ultimately determines its success rate, even if most business-to-business (B2B) businesses gauge the event's performance by the leads, prospects, and return on investment (ROI) that are generated. An organisation must invest a lot of money in trade exhibitions.

 Essential Steps for Business Growth

 In order for a trade show to be successful there needs to be concrete planning and the steps are divided in phases:

  • Make concrete plans for the Trade Show in advance

It is essential to determine how a trade show will be used in the context of a company's entire marketing and sales plan before diving in and signing up for a booth or hiring exhibition booth design companies. For the trade show to be successful, marketing and sales must collaborate closely. A 20x20 trade show booth ideas should have a budget and a predicted return on investment, just like any other marketing endeavour.

  • Competitor Analysis 

In order to get recognised in an exhibition, you need to have a distinct and attention-grabbing exhibition stand. Nevertheless, take into account prior actions taken by competitors and other exhibition booth design. You should understand that your brand should be presented in the most approachable manner. Therefore, developing an exhibition booth design with trade show booth design companies is important.

  • Location

Location is an important aspect of show planning that many marketers ignore. Keep in mind that as soon as the current trade show booth closes, clever marketers start scheduling their space for the subsequent year's event. As a result, by having the ideal location, the exhibition stand design firm will be able to maximise the show. Along with the location, the size of the space is important. Most places provide a 10x10 display space thus making room for just a 10x10 trade show display. It is thus necessary to provide appropriate instructions to custom trade show booth manufacturers.

  • Schedule booth meetings before the exhibition

The most successful trade exhibitions are the ones where sales and marketing collaborated to organise booth visits with potential clients, customers, and business partners in advance.

  • Creation of an enticing booth

In a trade show, the exhibition booth is very important besides the sales and marketing aspect of the trade shows. Companies should hire custom trade show booth manufacturers if they want to create a custom exhibit. They can also opt for exhibit booth rentals which are created in much less time. If the company is putting out a show in Las Vegas it must look for Trade Show Booth Rental Las Vegas companies.

  • Engage in social media activity.

Before, during, and after the event, upload pictures from the event to your social media accounts. Encourage visitors to stop by your booth to participate in a promotion, pick up a prize, or see a demonstration. For easy identification by guests, make sure to add your booth number and the occasion's hashtag.

  • Offer goodies.

Keep in mind that exciting freebies increase traffic. Spend more funds on a freebie or activity to draw visitors. Make your offerings more inventive.

An exhibition stand is the most valuable element in a Trade Show

The success of a company's exhibits is crucial to expanding its customer exhibition booth design base and enabling it to reach new audiences. The trade show even though an expensive investment of planned out properly referring to the crucial steps is worth it.

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In this digital era, where people prefer online marketing over any other means of marketing, you might feel that business events like exhibitions and trade shows have lost their charm and are no longer relevant to your business. But in reality, trade shows and exhibitions offer you an exciting and unique opportunity for your business to rise and shine among your competitors in your industry.

Trade show booth rental in Las Vegas and exhibitions were and are some of the most popular and useful ways of marketing as suggested by the major business decision-makers. Events like these offer you a platform where you can meet and interact with people and have the chance to turn them into potential leads. This way trade shows offer your business a huge number of customers whom you can meet in person rather than online.

Despite the digital era where online marketing is adopted by businesses, exhibitions and trade shows present you with such brimming opportunities that you just won’t get anywhere else. If you do it right, then attending a trade show could take your business from an SME to one of the leading companies. Due to the innumerable benefits offered, all the major companies attend multiple trade show booth rental Boston throughout the year.

If you are still not sure whether you need to exhibit your business or not then here are various reasons why you should.

 Get Face-to-Face Connected With Clients

One of the most helpful gains from participating in a trade show is that it allows you to target clients in person. The main reason why exhibitions have not lost out to modern technology is the need for human interaction to promote products and services.

Despite all the modes and means available to perform online marketing, people still prefer to know about the services and products they buy and meet people they do business with. In business, it is important to gain trust in order to win leads and face-to-face communication is the best way to achieve this and avoid any misunderstandings. It is no surprise that clients trust you more when they meet you in person.

Unlike email marketing or cold calling, trade show booth rental Chicago  are attended by the people who want to know about the services or products your business has to offer which means you have the opportunity to sell your business and are interested in your product.

 Stay Ahead of your Competition

Trade show booth companies and exhibitions offer a rare chance to find out what your competitors are up to. You get all the major players from your industry in a trade show which might be daunting for your organization but at the same time you can check out your industry rivals. Exhibitions and trade shows are the places where businesses launch their new products or try out new ideas to attract visitors. This will allow you to analyze what would work for your business and what not and also adapt the useful ones. By attending a trade show, you can find out how your company is perceived by customers which will help you in planning for your future business strategies.

 Brand Awareness

Participating in a trade show is a great way to make a way for your company in your industry and let everyone know your business which is important to make your presence counted at leading events. Trade shows are the place where you can operate on a level playing field with your competitors. It is also a perfect place to strengthen your business’s position in your industry and establish your brand as everyone exhibiting at the same event has the same access to the same number of clients. For this, you need to make sure that you stand out from other exhibitors and for this, you need a design that attracts the right type of attention.

 Find New Business Partners

To up-scale your business, it is significant to have a strong supply chain. If you have a business that is product-based, then your suppliers play a crucial role in the quality and availability of your products in the market. Surprisingly, you will not only get lucrative leads at a trade show but can also make some significant connections with other exhibitors which can prove to be very productive connections. Not everyone on the trade show floor in an industry event will be your rival. You can make some vital connections at trade shows by meeting other businesses in your supply chain that will provide you with a prime opportunity to make your business grow.

 Get Direct Feedback from Your Target Audience

Trade shows and exhibitions offer a lucrative opportunity to know first-hand what your customers want and whatnot. Unlike any other methods of obtaining feedback from your customers, a trade show offers you a chance to receive real-time feedback on your products or services by directly interacting with your clients. Trade shows are also an ideal environment to test how visitors feel about changes that you’re thinking of applying to your business, product, or services.

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2020 and 2021 had been a tough time for companies’ planning to promote their products as global pandemic had an adverse effect on the trade shows. Trade show booth design have been finding alternate ways to promote their products and services in the absence of trade shows. Thankfully the trade shows are back this year in 2023 and we can fortunately have a glimpse of new innovations, products and services in ways that even surpass those which happened before pandemic. Organizations have utilized the time of pandemic to grow and enhance themselves in ways to impact the wide range of audience.

 As the count of trade shows has gone higher so has the competition in the market. Organizations are taking time to thoughtfully design their trade show to ensure maximum ROI through the trade show exhibit. To achieve high level marketing endeavor exhibitors partner with best trade show exhibit builders that provide exceptional branding services. Trade show booth design companies are being widely accepted as to play a leading role in the exhibitor’s success of the event. Custom exhibition stand have found interesting new ways to reach consumers by choosing remarkable trade show booth ideas. Trade show booth design plays a vital role when it comes to judge the success of an event at trade shows.


 The initial attempt to attract consumer to the booth happens through the trade show booth design. Companies have experimented with their ways and come up with unique and remarkable trade show booth design ideas. Trade show display ideas are designed in an eye catching fashion to get the attention of consumers. High class superior quality and remarkable designs of trade show booths are now available from trade show booth design ideas.

There are majority of names which are doing very well in terms of trade show exhibits. Some of the best trade show exhibit companies at a glance:

  1. Triumfo Inc.
  2. RADON Exhibition LLC
  3. icatchersltd
  4. ExpoStandZone
  5. Nimlok


Triumfo Inc

Triumfo Inc provides tradeshow banners, stands and exhibition display equipment across the US. Triumfo Inc has been recognized for its innovations and has won several new products awards. Established in 1980, it has served more than 100,000 clients. It has been recognized for its outstanding product design many times. They provide portable displays – popup and backwall displays, tabletop displays, banner stands, table and accessories; modular inline exhibits – backwalls and towers, merchandising, tables, storage and accessories; custom island exhibits- large structural presence, lightweight systems and large graphical structures.


RADON Exhibition LLC

RADON Exhibition LLC is one of the upcoming name in the booth design company for providing exceptional booth designs with aesthetics that can make you stop and explore.  Radon provides its services across the globe, the major being Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy and Poland. Radon designs, builds and manufactures creative exhibition stand designs based on the brand image. Exhibitors can choose from Custom, Modular, Country Pavilion and Double Decker stands. The impeccable stand booths manufactured at Radon can help the brand stand out from the crowd and create a strong impression. According to the current statistics Radon has successfully designed more than 4000 projects as the exhibition stand builder and participated in more than 1200 trade shows worldwide. Radon offers end to end solutions from conceptualize, design, build, manufacture, shipping services, installation till dismantling the stand. Radon has its warehouse for storage purposes. Radon is committed to providing quality and on time delivery services.



Icatchersltd has more than 30 years of experience producing trade show displays, exhibits and marketing products. They provide multiple styles of popup displays, graphic back walls and trade show truss displays. It claims to provide the industry’s best table top displays, feather flags, swooper flags, table covers, retractable banner stands and more. They create custom tailored trade show exhibits and provide a wide range of trade show accessories and add ons, from LCD TV mounts, table covers to literature racks and more. 


ExpoStandZone is a trade show design company providing customized exhibits on rental or for purchase. It is headquartered in Irvine, California with offices, facilities and manufacturing plants in Las Vegas, Chicago, Orlando, Detroit, Dallas and global offices in Wurzburg, Germany and Bucharest, Romania.  The company specializes in building trade show displays from the scratch ensuring they are personalized at every stage. It provides end to end solutions from logistics, shipping, storage and setting up at trade shows. It also provides repair and maintenance of all parts and materials used in the display. ExpoStandZone focuses on customized display to ensure the trade show booth stands out and is unique. They are imaginative and innovative.  


Nimlok started in 1970 and is committed to producing innovative, high quality booth exhibits and displays. Nimlok specializes in building custom modular displays from smaller 10’x10’ inline displays to larger island displays. Exhibitors looking for rental exhibit that easily adapts to their budget and trade show schedule can avail rental solutions to meet their needs. Nimlok also specializes in providing unique and budget friendly portable trade show displays like banner stands, hanging banners, table covers, collapsible displays, folding panel displays, Kiosks, Ipad stands, Counters, sign systems, literature racks, display lighting and shipping cases.

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It is needless to say what role trade shows play in marketing for an industry. Both big and small industries like to participate in trade shows to improve their sales and promote their businesses. Booth design companies come up with brilliant booth ideas to help exhibitors achieve their goals and fulfill their vision. There are organizations that have a keen eye for details and which do their homework well before participating in a trade show. These are the organizations that you will find achieving a higher graph in terms of success at the event. There are many points to be considered before you plan to participate in the trade show to make your event successful. If you are a newbie entering into the world of competition to stand at par with the big brands then this blog is for you. Apart from the trade show booth builders, you can keep some enhancing points in mind for the success of your event. And if you have been participating in the trade shows often and missing out on your peak as imagined then here is a list of pointers that you can consider important for the success of your event. We shall discuss here the top 5 successful ideas for your next trade show displays Los Angeles.


Planning and choosing the relevant trade show event


It is very crucial for the event to be successful to choose the right and most relevant event to participate in. There are thousands of trade show events going around and picking the ones that match your vision can be quite tricky. You need to research intensively to figure out which trade show would be most beneficial for you. Check the events and participating industries. Talk to the previous participants to know what they liked about the show. Figure out the number of attendees and demographics of the attendees. It will help you to know and categorize the right place to set up your trade show booth design.


Set realistic goals


When you are setting up the goals and objectives for your event keep in mind that the goals are realistic and measurable. Setting up unrealistic goals and trying to achieve them is not a wise thing to do. Though there is no harm in dreaming big, the idea is to go slow with careful consideration of all facets of the goals. With careful planning a lot can be achieved and setting up realistic goals will give you confidence and a sense of achievement when you will attain them. Small targets eventually lead to big success when planned and executed meticulously.


Invest in trade show booth construction 


With neck-to-neck competition in the market it is needless to say that something extra needs to be done to get noticed. Trade show booth ideas with innovative designs and creativity reflecting them are a very good investment for an exhibitor. Trade show booth investment is something that these days hold special importance. Unlike the old days when the booth designs used to be traditional and all emphasis was made on how the products and services were showcased these days, there are mesmerizing booth designs available in the market that can make hearts skip a beat. Exhibit design companies New York work hard with their team to deliver new unique designs to every client. A creative and engaging trade show booth design will attract visitors and can greatly help in increasing the ROI. Thanks to technological transformation, many things that used to be considered impossible are being able to take shape through world-class technology and the latest equipment.


Technological appliances


These days’ trade show booth designs are accompanied by the latest technological advancements that make a booth more creative and inviting. The use of technologies like

Virtual walls

Interactive floor




Augmented reality

Virtual Reality

Multi-sensory installations


Have raised the level of booth designs and the potential of what a trade show booth can do. Trade show booth rental Orlando incorporate technological appliances in the booth design and the rest is what we all have seen. The use of these appliances makes the booth noticeable from far and the large gathering is attracted to the booth where something unique is being presented. Of course, the staying of people and converting them into leads require the efficiency of trained staff but much of the work of bringing people to listen to you is done by a mesmerizing booth design.


Follow up with the visitors in your contact list


The end of the trade show is the beginning of your growth in many ways. You shall be able to figure out the actual response of your event in due course of time sometimes actually till the next event. For that, it is essential to follow up with the contacts that you have made during the trade show event. Emails or phone calls or any other manner of the communication channel can be used as per the consent of the visitors. A gentle follow-up can help to freshen up the memory of visitors and they can think from a cool mind about their next purchase.

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 “There are three responses to a piece of design-Yes, No, and Wow! Wow is the one to aim for.” – Milton Glaser


If there is one such place where imagination and innovation can turn around the situation, it is at the trade fairs. The more innovative and creative the presentation, the more visitors are attracted by it. Though the final word is always of the quality of the product and services that you will be showcasing, a lot depends on how you present yourself.


It is rightly said that “Brand is the story. Design is the storytelling.”- Susan Sellers


The market is booming with highly innovative trade show booth designs. Trade show exhibit companies look up to the best trade show booth design for their exhibition. There is a lot of competition in the market between trade show booth design companies. A wide range of stands exists in the market including custom stands, modular stands, double-decker stands, 20x30 trade show booth designs, 20x20 trade show booth designs, and many more. So how do we decide that this particular trade show booth is good? There have to be certain parameters to analyze that. Let us look at some of the characteristics of a good trade show booth.


Design of the entrance of the booth


We all know that the trade show booth must reflect the brand's motto to be ranked as a good booth. But how many of us know how? Do you know there is a difference between designing a trade show booth when planning to exhibition booth design for existing customers and when targeting new customers? While in the former case the design of the booth is based on the fact that how your product or brand has evolved from the past, and what new solutions are you offering, in the latter case the focus of trade show booth design is on being grand and eye-catching. A crisp and impactful version goes along with both cases.


A wide range of exhibition booths of varying sizes exists in the market that can be easily used to implement the above parameters. Custom booth design, modular booth design, 20x20 trade show booth designdouble-decker stands, country pavilions, and 20x30 trade show booth design, are some of the ranges of exhibition booths available in the market and nearly all can be designed in a way where we can keep the above-mentioned parameters in check.


Connect with the audience


A highly creative and innovative booth design missing trained staff that can engage customers is of little use. A good trade show booth can positively engage visitors simultaneously working on showcasing your products and services and discussions on the hot topics that you plan to share.


Colors that brighten up the space


A good trade show booth will be well-lit and has a lighting arrangement that brightens up the space.


Right atmosphere


Not only does a booth requires a well-lit brightened space but also has the right atmosphere where the customers would feel like stopping and staying. Some custom trade show booth designs have a relaxed seating arrangement for the visitors to stop by and listen creating just the right atmosphere. Though it is not an essential parameter to rank a trade show booth but with the modernization and competition that exists in the market having this add-on is a big plus in ranking a trade show booth as good.


Avoid cluttering


It is very essential to have an uncluttered setting at your booth for smooth execution. No one wants to stay in a fussy, cluttered place. So having an uncluttered space with enough breathing space is an essential parameter for a good custom exhibits Las Vegas.

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Chicago, the windy city located in Illinois is also known as mini America. The city is traditionally rich and is a great example of American culture. Skyscrapers, food, nature, adventure, architecture, and its history is what makes it memorable. The place is nowadays well known for America’s trading-related activities. It draws tourists and business travelers from all over the world. With growing business opportunities it becomes important to give a thought to marketing tips to improve and boost your business in Chicago. Let’s discuss here some ideas as to how we can make our business grow in Chicago, the third largest city in the US.  


Explore and network with local startups in the city. Local Startups have a big zone for growth and opportunities to grow alongside is something tricky but useful if understood and utilized in a proper direction. Network with local startups and some joint activities can open doors for you and lead to good business deals.


Actively engage in the local tech community. Chicago is a happening place and lots of trade show exhibit builders, events, and exhibitions keep on popping up now and then. Utilize this as an opportunity to grab business deals by actively engaging and participating in the fairs.


Maintain your uniqueness to stand out among the crowd. Keep yourself updated on new trends in this fast-moving place to maintain your identity. Trade show booth builder Dallas Having something unique to portray is always a good idea in business to make your presence feel and acknowledged.


Participate in engaging stories that lead to showcasing your brand. Communication has always broadened the scope of awareness in every domain. Communicate well and authentically while making a connection with the audience to enable yourself to understand the needs and requirements of consumers as being a part of the crowd itself while maintaining your identity.


Attend local events and build relationships to grow your business. Never miss an opportunity to attend local events that can sometimes even open doors to something you have not dreamed of. It will keep you updated with what is being desired and expected in recent times. You can upgrade your brand on the same lines to keep growing and flourishing in your business.


Organize small clubbed events. Organizing a small event and clubbing it with food or adventure is a good idea to make spread your name as people from all over the globe love to explore food and are fond of adventurous activities. Chicago being the hub for food and adventurous activities can attract tourists and visitors on a large scale. Clubbing with these activities can help you to be a known figure amongst the crowd.


Organize business tours.  Organizing business tours can help you build relationships and establish a good business network.


Recruit Locally. It’s a good idea to have a team from the place itself working for you which can enable you to enhance your advertising strategy. Imagine individuals in a city knowing that you do quality work in a particular domain. The impact this will have on your business is extraordinary.


Keep audience-targeted Social Media strategy and marketing strategy. Create locally focused optimized content which takes into account the audience that is being targeted. In custom trade show displays, exhibitions and events use custom-made stand booths designs that define your vision. Choose a stand booth design company that provides innovative and impactful solutions. Stand booth design is one aspect that you must spend on wisely. It greatly impacts your marketing strategy.


Use advertising to further spread your name. Chicago is full of business opportunities. Spreading your word through banners and advertisements can make a big impact on your business. Use catchy words and attractive colors to catch the attention to your advertisement. While advertising at trade fairs an apt use of lighting and use of overhead hangings can help you a great deal to be seen by the audience. You never know when and how you may become a prominent figure in the business.