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Tempe Creek Vineyard & Farms

Texas Wine Lover 11/30 11:52P Jeff Cope
Located near Lake Livingston outside of Sam Houston National Forest is Tempe Creek Vineyard & Farms owned by Michael and Jennifer Cook. Tempe Creek Vineyard & Farms first opened in 2019, but we all...

End the Year with December Texas Wine Events

Texas Wine Lover 11/29 11:34P Amie Nemec
The holiday season is in full swing, and there s no shortage of wine events to keep things lively and festive. Here are just a few examples of great wine events in December. Be sure to check our website and mobile app regularly for new events...

Live Happy Lane Winery & Vineyards

Texas Wine Lover 11/28 11:21P Mary Vail Grube
Live Happy Lane Winery is a pretty place with a quiet, relaxed, feeling located down a wooded two-lane road on the outskirts of Greenville on a beautiful 80-acre property. Ernie and Michelle Mays...

Rosann Mitrione Owner Profile

Texas Wine Lover 11/27 11:31P Amie Nemec
Have you heard about the newest winery to open in the Hill Country? Michael Ros Winery opened in August and it’s a pretty impressive spot you should add to your list. The project has been in the works...

Siren’s Call Winery

Texas Wine Lover 11/24 2:28A Neal Addy
Let us set the scene, shall we? Imagine you’re reclining on the beach. It’s a warm, cloudless summer day. A gentle breeze wafts across the waves. You dig your toes into the warm sand and snuggle...

Golden Oak Micro Cellar

Texas Wine Lover 11/22 1:26A Jeff Cope
We first visited Golden Oak Micro Cellar in November 2020. It was the last winery we visited on a day that eventually ended up pouring rain during the dark evening when we visited. We vowed to return...

Alana Martinez Winemaker Profile

Texas Wine Lover 11/20 11:46P Amie Nemec
What do you get when a registered nurse, emergency doctor, and nuclear missile operator come together in a winery? Of course, you get some fantastic wines! Deanna and her husband Michael Dickey worked...

Exploring Wineries in Texas Hill Country: A Scenic Sojourn

Texas Wine Lover 11/20 12:30A digitalguider
In the heart of Texas Hill Country, wineries have a charm of their own. The land here, with its different soils and climates, gives the wines a special flavor. Some wineries have big, bold red wines, while others have crisp, refreshing white ones....

Wanderlust Wine Co.

Texas Wine Lover 11/16 12:52A Robin Clark
Wanderlust Wine Co. East Austin Interested in easily sampling a variety of wines from the USA, including Texas and from around the world in a fun and upbeat environment that definitely has all the...

Iron Sommelier 2023

Texas Wine Lover 11/16 12:49A Jeff Cope
Sean Beck, Chris Havens; Lara Lack, Justin Goodman Iron Sommelier 2023 presented by AUTOSOL took place on November 9th. The annual wine competition and wine tasting event benefited the Periwinkle...

Ca’Lefort 24 Inch Dual Zone Wine Fridge Review

Texas Wine Lover 11/15 12:49A Ron Martin
We received the product for review and all opinions are our own. Some links are affiliate links meaning at no additional cost to you, this site may get a small commission if you make a purchase. If...

What is Wine Roulette? Hosting Tips & Tricks

Texas Wine Lover 11/14 11:15P Guest
If you’re planning to host your friends but want to spice it up a little bit, we have an idea for you wine roulette. You might not have heard of it, but it certainly has been gaining traction both in...

Are Texas Wineries Redefining Wine Excellence?

Texas Wine Lover 11/14 10:29P digitalguider
When it comes to wine, regions like Napa Valley and Bordeaux often steal the limelight. However, have you ever considered the hidden gem of the wine world Texas? Yes, you read that right. Texas is steadily making its mark on the global wine...

Why Opt for Texas Wine Tours: Are They worth the Hype?

Texas Wine Lover 11/14 10:28P digitalguider
Are you still contemplating whether to embark on a Texas wine tour? Let s cut to the chase and dive into what makes these tours an absolute must for any wine enthusiast. When it comes to experiencing the world of wine, Texas Wine Tours stand out...
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