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The 10x10 booth is considered the smallest booth possible by trade show booth companies for an exhibition or a trade show. If you have a 10x10 space for your exhibition then you have to make booth design and other things accordingly so that your booth still attracts the target audience as well as potential customers. Here are some tips for you that how you can design a creative and attractive 10×10 trade show booth:

Focus On Your Brand

Rather your booth is big or as small as 10x10 never lose on your Branding and the key message of your brand that you want to convey to the audience. First, determine the key message or messages you want to convey to your audience. Then design your booth around highlighting those messages along with your Brand’s Branding in a visually compelling way. 

 Keep It Open

 A 10×10 custom trade show exhibit design needs to appear as open and inviting as possible. Avoid having walls on more than one or two sides of your space. Use low walls, half walls, or no walls on the remaining sides to keep sightlines open from the aisle. This makes your booth more approachable and appears more spacious.

Use Vertical Space

Don’t just spread out horizontally in your 10×10 space as there is not much space to do so. Rather exhibition booth design using vertical banners, pop-up displays, wall graphics, and other visuals that go up high to attract attention. Vertical elements have one more advantage they are more visible from a distance and can make your booth appear larger.

 Extend Your Space

 If possible, utilize any aisle or empty space adjacent to your booth such as you can place additional signage, demonstrations, seating, etc. in the space around your booth to extend your presence. But keep in mind that you are not breaking any rules of the trade show as well as if you are trying to do so make sure it will not make any problems for the other exhibitors and visitors. Check with the venue and neighboring booths first to ensure it is permitted.

 Use Multi-Levels

 If the display for trade show organizers allow you, use flooring, platforms, shelves, or other structures to create multi-levels where people can interact with your booth at different heights. This adds more surface area and makes the space feel larger as well as more dynamic.

 Light It Up 

 Lighting attracts attention and can make your key messages and visual elements pop. Strategically using lighting, from spotlights to colored LEDs, can make a huge visual impact, even in a small space. Avoid using colors that are unpleasant to the eyes because then people will avoid making attention to your booth.

Include Interactive or Visual Elements

 Try to add elements beyond just banners and literature racks. Consider a monitor displaying visuals or video, a live product demonstration, interactive touchscreen displays, VR or AR experiences, kinetic art, sound, lighting, etc. These types of interactive elements attract the most traffic to trade show booth displays as well as let visitors stay at your booth. 

Curate Your Content

 Don’t overload your small booth space with too many banners, displays, literature, giveaways, etc. Carefully curate just the most impactful visuals and content to highlight your key messages. Keep it uncluttered, simple, and easy to navigate. Usually, visitors get confused when they see too much content is just small places and it looks really unattractive as well.

As an exhibition booth design company, you must consider above mentioned trade show booth ideas if you have a small space for your exhibition stand especially a 10x10 booth size. By using these tips your exhibition stand can ensure your clients that more and more people will visit as well as stay at their booth and the booth will help to expose their brand and brand messaging properly.

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