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As an exhibitor when you are going to participate in a trade show booth displays or any other event you always want that your Brand must gain maximum exposure as well as you will make some quality leads. For this, you must have the maximum visibility of your trade show booth and the design must have the ability to stand you out from the crowd.


To make the best out of the other you must know to implement it in your exhibition stand design. In this blog, we will provide you with the ultimate guidelines for your next custom trade show exhibit design. Follow the below-mentioned information to achieve your goals:




The Layout of the exhibit booth rentals must be considered seriously. The layout is determined by the overall size of the trade show booth and can only be purchased according to the budget of the exhibitor. So first must consider how much size you require for your brand and how much you can pay for it.


There are multiple sizes available for a trade show booth display from 10x10 or even small to 50x50 and even larger you can have any between them.


Another thing that needs to be considered is the layout design you can have your stand Inline booth, Double decker, Peninsula booth, Island booth, Corner booth, and many more.




Graphics are one of the most important, attractive as well as interactive aspects of a trade show booth. Visitors at a custom trade show exhibits always tend to get attracted to the eye-catching and calm-looking graphics. This point should also be noticed that not all graphics look good especially if they hurt someone’s eyes they will never like it. So there are many kinds of graphics available in the market such as:


1. Table and Surface Graphics:


These are the graphics that you can have on multiple places such as table tops, different surfaces, furniture, and many more. These graphics can include table runners, signs, small posters, racks with literature, some touchscreens, and table runners or skirts.


2. Floor Graphics:


These are graphics that you can even apply and remove easily. You can have some signs or you’re branding or even place some key messages on the floor. To make them either paint or posters can be used as the graphics on the floor that can take the attention of the people.


3. Wall Graphics:


For the walls of the trade show booths 30x30 you can use multiple images or canvases as your wall graphics. This could be any landscape, Branding, brand message, or a digital display, especially on the far back wall of the booth giving a glimpse of the Brand, products, services, brand messaging, and many more.



4. Banner/Distance Recognition:


This is also one of the most important as this is the place where you place your Brand name or identity to be seen and recognized even from a far distance. Digital banners and printings are being used to display the Brand name predominantly.




While designing the trade show booth construction there are several key things that you need to keep in mind. We have compiled some very crucial tips as points to make your exhibit successful by making an eye-catching as well as inviting trade show booth design.


  1. 1.   Purpose of Exhibiting:


The very first thing you need to figure out is your purpose with the exhibition or trade show. Precise goals need to be set before taking any decision. The purpose of the trade shows can be anything like Brand exposing, product launching, making leads, making relations, and a combination of all these or any other reason. So, figure out your purpose of exhibiting.

2.    Do not let you Brand Identity Loose:


It is very important that as an exhibitor you must stick to the identity of your Brand. Your brand is the most important thing for you and you cannot let it go easily. Design the trade show booth and incorporate items that make sense with your Brand. If you go to the other way your audience may get confused.

3. Clear Brand Messaging:

Along with your purpose and Brand Identity your Brand’s messaging must also be clear. Clear brand messaging will provide the audience with knowledge about your brand and they will better understand it.

3.    Perfect Location is the Key:


Another thing that plays a key role making your booth easily visible is the location. A right location at the trade show floor is where a huge crowed can see and identify you clearly is considered a perfect location. But the heavy traffic areas can cost you more so purchase it according to your budget.

4.    Connective Content:


At your booth make your content that connects with the audience. Make an eye-catching tagline that should not be longer than a maximum of 6 words but people get easily connected to that. Also, make content that clearly states the Brand and its identity as well.

5.    Take Advantage of Height


The height can give you a huge advantage of predominantly exposing your Brand from a long distance. This height can be increased by making tall graphics, banners, or towers. You can also go for the double-decker trade show booth designs as they also offer huge eye-catching elements.

6.    Do not Overboard Colors:


Do not make a combination of colors not more than two or three. Also, use simple colors that should be to the point and must not go out of your brand identity.

7.    Private Spaces:


Make some private spaces at your booth. These areas can be used for multiple uses such as staff resting, conducting meetings and doing some other things as well.




So these were some ideas that can help you to upgrade your trade show exhibit stand and make it more attractive and eye-catching to the audience. Everything from Layout to Graphics and Designing must work well to have a successful trade show. There are more ideas that you must know about for your next exhibition or trade show so you can contact us and we will provide you with our best.

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