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Impressing your clients and standing out on the exhibition floor can be a difficult task. If you have a larger custom build exhibition stands then things can become easier for you. With a 30x30 booth design, you can effectively seek the attention of your target audience. 

In this blog, we will give you 30x30 trade show display stands that will help you achieve the highest results along with leaving the best impression. 

Take a look at various important aspects that can make your booth appealing.

Emphasis on Private Meeting Areas

The different meeting areas will not only help you to discuss your deals effectively but also leave the best impression on the clients. This is the reason it is considered one of the main components. Use LED lights to give a special effect.   

Convey Your Story 

Most companies use graphics, logos, and large headers but they overlook conveying their story which acts as a hindrance in staying unique. When you include your brand's unique story in the campaign then you can achieve higher results and impress your audience more. to make it effective, your story should include the answer to the following questions –

  • Which problem of the client do your products solve?
  • Which expertise does your company contribute to the industry?
  • Why your client should choose your product or services over competitors?

Create Different Zones

As you have a large space in a 30×30 design, you can leave a long-lasting impression by creating different zones such as demonstration areas, meeting zones, display areas, seating areas, and much more. It is one of the best ways to utilize the space and leave a long-lasting impression on the clients. Make sure every zone is easily visible in your booth.  

Make It Visually Balance

A larger space doesn’t mean you have to keep all the marketing components just for the sake of filling the space. Rather you must focus on keeping the accurate white space that makes your booth more attractive and appealing.  

Highlight Your Campaign’s Message

The campaign’s message is something that helps attract people's attention, build awareness, and generate leads. With a 30×30 trade show booth manufacturers, you can effectively highlight your message as you have ample space for it. Ensure that your message is highlighted in all banners and standees, audio-visual demonstrations, digital graphics, and other promotional items.

How to Increase Your Space?

At times floor space becomes less as there are lots of activities to do. To resolve this problem, you can opt for the double-decker booth design as it enhances the floor space while leaving the best impression on the client. It will give you more opportunities to present your product or services effectively.

Use the upper floor for private meetings and the ground floor for hosting activities such as product demos, displays, workshops, etc. to attract other clients that are passing by. It will also allow you to interact with clients without distracting from the people passing by.

Exhibit with the Best Trade Show Booth Display

If you want to leave the best impression on your client with a 30x30 booth then simply trust us as we are the best exhibition stand builders in the market. We have the best 30x30 trade show booth ideas to make your booth exclusive and extraordinary. 

Moreover, we have our own design studio, manufacturing unit, and warehouse which means there is no third-party involvement so you can get all the quality services in a cost-effective manner. 

No matter you are looking for trade show booth displays or decided to purchase, you can simply rely on us! 

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