The main focus of every custom trade show booths is to captivate as much as audiences possible to the booth. Regardless the size and shape of the trade show you can attract a hundreds and thousands of visitors to your booth.


There are many elements which are as important as the display for trade show but many people carelessly ignore them at the exhibition. So, here are some tips for attracting the most audience to your trade show booth:


Set up Near High-traffic Areas


The first thing you can do to attract a huge crowd to your booth is have your exhibition is some of the highest traffic areas from where most of the people comes and goes. Being toward the front, near food areas or other prime spots raises your brand visibility. Even those visitors who are not visiting your booth will get a glimpse of your brand and products.


Offer a Freebie or Special Promotion


You can offer many things regarded as freebie or gifts. This could be a free product sample, a giveaway like a t-shirt or water bottle, a discount coupon, or entry into a prize drawing. This will entice people to come visit your booth and an item exposing your brand or company will be received by them as remembrance.


Have an Interactive Display or Demonstration?


An interactive display with many graphics and other information going on along with a precisely product demonstration can be eye-catching. Show off your product or service in action. Let people test or sample your products. This engages potential customers instead of just talking at them.


Use Eye-catching Signs and Decorations:

You can use the bright colors, motion graphics, plasma screens or other visuals at the exhibition booth design. This will draw attention from the crowd to your stand. Make sure the branding of your custom exhibit booth is clear and consistent. 


Send Out Pre-show Marketing and Invites:

It is very important to do marketing of your exhibition before the actual date. Use social media as your tool as because you can reach as much as people possible through that. Other tools such as Emails, web page posts and direct mail can inform your target audience that you'll be at the event. Give them a reason to seek you out.


Schedule Speakers, Celebrities or Performances:

You can invite some famous people like some actors, singers, motivational speakers or even politicians to your exhibition according to your brand and identity. The people following them will also reach to see meet or listen them. A presentation, expert talk, entertainment or other activity happening at your booth will bring in curious attendees.


Offer Refreshments:

Offering several refreshments such as water, coffee, snacks, charging stations and comfortable seating makes a positive image of your brand in the minds of visitors. This gesture invites more people to the exhibition as well as linger them at your booth longer.


Train your Booth Staff on Engagement Skills


Interactive and good-looking staffs also play a positive role at the trade show booth contractor. Answering the multiple questions of the visitors and solving their quires is a skill that the booth staff must have. Make sure they actively engage with anyone who comes near your space with a friendly, helpful attitude.


Promote your Booth Location and Offers Onsite


At the trade show you can send staff in different locations to talk with the attendees provide them your pamphlets and ask them to visit your booth. You can also have some clear signs or banners leading people to your booth. Hand out flyers reminding people of giveaways and activities.


With the right mix of trade show displays ideas promotions, attractions and staffing you can attract the largest crowd to your trade show booth. With the above mentioned tips you can have a successful trade show.

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